My Friend Brent Tyler Who Knows Not How To Surrender

Quebec doesn’t give a damn about rights. And the federal judges, all the way to the Supreme Court have proven that they will twist, distort, and pervert the law to placate Quebec.

My friend Brent Tyler scored a huge victory for the rights of individuals this week, when the Quebec Court of Appeal agreed with his claim, that children who attend a private English school for at least one year, get to be accepted into the public English school system for the rest of their education.

I began this editorial by describing Brent Tyler as my friend, because he is my friend. He is also a true Canadian hero. And I’m proud to know him.

Brent and I have had more conversations over the phone and over meals concerning social/political injustices and language racism within the province of Quebec than I can remember.

Inevitably, at the tail-end each of our discussions, I give this piece of advice to my friend Brent.

I tell him that he is wasting his time, his energy and his earning potential fighting a one-man battle for the rights of millions who contribute nothing for his efforts.

My advice to him is to call it a day, leave the racism of Quebec, take a short sabbatical to get himself accredited to the Ontario Bar, and start enjoying life.

In short, his response is that he cannot give up the fight. And that he can’t walk away until all of the fighting is done.

Brent should have won all of his language and rights cases that he has plead before the courts. But he hasn’t. As a matter of judicial record, Brent has lost most of them.

Not because he shouldn’t have won, but rather, because the fix was in. Brent is a very disciplined advocate who knows how to present and how to fight a case. And in any other judicial battleground, Brent Tyler’s record would be undefeated.

But Quebec isn’t just any other judicial battleground.

Quebec doesn’t give a damn about rights. And the federal judges, all the way to the Supreme Court have proven that they will twist, distort, and pervert the law to placate Quebec.

Yet Brent carries-on.

The so-called federalist Quebec Liberals, led by the so-called federalist Jean Charest, announced almost immediately following the judgment that they will be appealing the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada, proving once again, that the Quebec Liberal party and its leader are no better than any of the other ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists.

But the Anglos keep voting for them anyway.

So here goes Brent, into the line of fire to the Supreme Court, alone, and armed only with his wits, passion and sense of justice.

After the Court of appeal decision, all the do nothing talking heads rushed to give interviews to deliver their pearls of wisdom and opinions.

It’s just too bad they didn’t deliver any cash to Brent who fought this case mostly out of his own pocket, with a little help from the now defunct Court Challenges Program. They only offer opinions and criticisms. No cash.

Where were the English School Boards with their checks in-hand to help fund Brent’s noble challenge? They were nowhere.

Where was the English media who could have helped by campaigning on their radio stations, television stations and in their newspapers for financial support to help Brent fight the good fight on their behalf? They were nowhere.

I asked Brent how he intends to pay the huge costs of appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada, since all of the people, institutions and businesses with real interests in the outcome of this fight will not spend a penny?

He doesn’t know. But he’s hoping for the best.

The Anglos and Ethnics of Quebec are not worthy of Brent Tyler. And they don’t deserve to have him sacrificing his social and financial life on their behalf.

After Brent left the Montreal airwaves of 940 AM News yesterday morning, the show host interviewed Jonathan Goldbloom who operates a PR Firm.

Goldbloom’s father is Victor Goldbloom, who served for years at the pleasure of Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa, who legislated Quebec’s first racist language law (Bill 22) that made French the supreme and ONLY official language within Quebec.

Bourassa also stood proudly in Quebec’s National Assembly, declaring that he is the ONLY Quebec politician to suspend the rights and civil liberties of Quebec’s English speakers for the purpose of protecting the French language.

Victor Goldbloom also sat as the Commissioner of the Canadian Official Languages Commission, where from 1991 to 1999 he did whatever he could to promote and protect the French language throughout Canada, while at the same time, he turned his back entirely on Quebec’s English and Ethnic communities.

Victor Goldbloom’s other son is Michael Goldbloom, who published the Montreal Gazette, Quebec’s ONLY English language daily newspaper, which went out of its way to appease ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, and demonize Anglos who stood up in the defense of minority rights.

As Jonathan Goldbloom was pontificating on-air about the court decision, he said: pretty soon we will be CELEBRATING the anniversary of Bill 101.


How does an English speaker celebrate a law that does whatever it can to make his entire community invisible and second-class? Not to mention that the law he wants to celebrate makes the unrestricted use of the English language against the law.

This would be like German Jews “celebrating” the 1936 Nuremberg Laws.

This is what my friend Brent Tyler is up against.

In a dark back-alley fight, where it’s fight or die, you can take the whole miserable lot of do nothing big mouth Anglo elitists, including the likes of Jonathon Goldbloom, his brother Michael and his daddy Victor, and pray to die a quick death, because when the fighting starts, don’t look to them to be with you in that darkened back-alley.

And I’ll take Brent Tyler, and I’ll know that whatever happens, I won’t be in that darkened back-alley fighting alone.

Brent, I know you won’t take my advice and leave Quebec. And I don’t want to spend one more penny fighting for undeserving Anglos and Ethnics in Quebec.

But nonetheless, If you get no real funding to fight this good-fight, I’ll write a check, and send it to you, so you won’t have to be standing alone in that darkened alley.

And maybe some of my readers might consider doing the same.

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  1. This man is a hero & gave it all to stand up for all of our personal rights & freedoms. Thanks you Howard Galganov & Anne Galganov for all you do for society; yesterday, today & always.May the future shine brightly for you both wherever your path may lead….

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