Michael Vic Should Suffer The Way He Made His Dogs Suffer

Michael Vic should be put on trial for the whole world to see.

If you haven’t been following, or know nothing about the Michael Vic Pit Bull Dog Fighting obscenity, you’ve been asleep for the past month or so.

Here’s a quick recap:

Michael Vic is the young superstar NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

He and his buddies have been charged with operating a dog-fighting ring where Pit Bulls are put into a ring, where they fight until one is dead, or is so seriously injured that it can’t fight anymore.

While these dogs rip at each other’s ears, eyes and throats, people (mostly men) cheer like excited apes at the pain, anger and fear the dogs go through in mortal combat.

When the fighting is done between two dogs, the winner has its wounds healed, or is put to death if the wounds are too severe. The loser is usually dead.

But, if the loser is still alive, but barely, the owner of the dog kills it in various ways – none of them pleasant.

Michael Vic has been charged with organizing dogfights. Having his own dogs participate in dogfights. And murdering dogs which couldn’t fight anymore.

He also breeds Pit Bulls for the exclusive purpose of fighting.

Since Michael Vic is a multimillionaire football player who has no need of the money he earned from this obscenity, I have to assume he did it for the sheer pleasure of watching two animals savage each other.

The evidence against Michael Vic seems to be overwhelming, to the point that three of his co-accused have turned against him with separate plea deals.

And now, all the talk is that Vic might cop-a-plea that would see him get the minimum jail-time instead of what he really deserves.


Why should this sick and inhumane piece of human CRAP get the minimum amount of jail time for what he has done? To me, there isn’t enough jail time to amply punish this prick.

Michael Vic should be put on trial for the whole world to see. He should be made an example of, especially since there is reliable talk that he isn’t the only NFL player who has participated in this horror.

The NFL should have come out with a clear statement that said: If Michael Vic is guilty of even one charge against him vis a vis dog-fighting, he will be banned from the league for life!

The Atlanta Falcons should have said no less!

Instead, what I’m hearing, is that if he cops-a-plea and issues an apology, he could come back and once again resume his career as a professional football player after serving “some” time.

If I had my way, I’d have Michael Vic square off in a small fighting ring against his co-accused. I’d have them fight until one of them was dead or couldn’t fight any longer.

There would be no rules.

I’d encourage them to gouge each other’s eyes out and bite off fingers and ears just like they love to watch the dogs do. And when the fighting stopped because one was either dead or too close to dead to continue, I’d have done to them, what they did to the dogs.

Any nation that countenances even one iota of approval for this type of cruelty is a nation that deserves absolute shame. Same goes for any institution that keeps it’s silence, or attempts to minimize public relations damage when a light is shone upon the perpetrators.

I’m a huge NFL fan. But, if the National Football League doesn’t come forward real soon with a meaningful statement that tears a strip off of Vic and any others who participate in this misery, I’ll find something else to do on Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. God bless you and Anne! There should be more people like you! I also wish you were coming to Texas!

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