More Canada – Less Quebec.

All I want is for Quebec to leave Canada, and allow our country to grow without the shackles imposed upon us by Quebec’s “distinct” needs.

Quebec has caused Canada so much grief, that I am utterly convinced the ROC (Rest of Canada) must do whatever it can to disassociate itself from Quebec as soon as possible, in a manner that does Canada no further harm.

I’m not interested in having a fight with Quebec. Nor am I interested in doing any damage to Quebec.

All I want is for Quebec to leave Canada, and allow our country to grow without the shackles imposed upon us by Quebec’s “distinct” needs.

I’m also not interested in disenfranchising Canadians who live in Quebec; regardless of what language they speak. As far as I am concerned, all Canadians living within Quebec will remain Canadian if that is their wish.

But that only includes those citizens who are currently Canadian, whether Canadian by birth or Canadian by naturalization.

All future citizens of an independent Quebec will not be Canadian. And as such, will not have the benefit of any Canadian services. They will be as foreign to Canada as the citizens of any foreign nation.

And for those Canadians who choose to remain within an independent Quebec, they could opt to move to Canada at any time and benefit from whatever Canada has to offer.

But, as long as they live within Quebec, they would not have the right to vote in federal elections. Nor would they have access to Canadian funded social services.

In reality, this arrangement is no different than the current policies that effect Canadians who live abroad on an extended basis, but still choose to retain their Canadian citizenship.

Separation does not have to be a fight.

Our most important common interests are currency, debt, fixed assets, the Post Office and our military, all of which can easily be divided between Quebec and Canada without rancor after we separate ourselves from each other.

We don’t have to wait.

I see no reason why independent arbiters such as the IMF and the World Bank cannot decide upon who pays what to whom in regards to the national debt.

They could also decide upon who gets ownership of brick and mortar, and how these assets could be traded in terms of credits towards the debt.

Upon separation, to ensure economic stability, Quebec could easily choose to continue using the Canadian dollar until Quebec establishes a currency of its own.

Who knows? Perhaps we might see a North American currency similar to the Euro. Then whose currency won’t matter.

There might even be a Free Trade Zone that allows for unrestricted worker mobility throughout North American. This would be a tremendous benefit to Canada and a problem for xenophobic Quebec. But that would be Quebec’s problem. Not ours.

I want to go to Ottawa and help make this happen.

I want to go to Ottawa and be the INDEPENDENT Conservative voice for all Canadians who are just as fed-up as I am with Quebec, and the way we govern ourselves nationally because of Quebec.

I want to be the Canadian People’s Candidate and stand for real common sense issues. I want our domestic and foreign policies to be clear. And I want less government and more personal independence.

I want less taxes and a transparent flat rate tax system that benefits everyone.

I want the debt paid off. I want the federal cookie jar shut to all the do-nothings who pretend to be so important.

I want criminals to get what they really deserve, including juvenile criminals. And I want victims not to be revictimized by the state.

I want our government to really do something about the environment. Clean air, clean water and clean soil. And I want to have nothing to do with this Kyoto crap.

I want honest to goodness animal rights laws that will keep human brutes from abusing those creatures who have no voice.

I want to protect national state funded medicine which should be provided by private services wherever possible.

I also want prescription drugs to be available to everyone at a nominal cost. No one should ever have to go into the poorhouse because of the need to take medicine.

I want to do my part to make Canada the country it can and should be. And if I can get substantial financial support from common sense folks from across Canada who are as fed-up as I am, I will do whatever I can to make this happen.

Why don’t you let me know what you and your friends think. And let’s see what we can do together.

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  1. What is important Howard is that you and Anne are at peace with your decision and therefore in a good place. And secure, confident and proud in knowing that you gave it your rights’ advocacy best. Somehow I feel this interesting and purposeful story is not yet finished with you. The Galganov-ian beat will find its way to go on…

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