Here We Go Again With What Quebec Wants.

Didn’t Canada’s present Prime Minister Stephen Harper recognize Quebecers as a nation? And don't nations need powers?

It seems that the age-old question that has been posed to the rest of Canada in what seems like perpetuity is upon us once again.


Here’s what the answer should be.


This time around, it’s Quebec’s nationalist Premier Jean Charest who wants Canada to recognize Quebec’s distinctive nature, and give Quebec even more powers to operate as a true nation.

After all, didn’t Canada’s present Prime Minister Stephen Harper recognize Quebecers as a nation? And don’t nations need powers?

Didn’t Harper give Quebec 700 million tax dollars from Canadians outside Quebec, as a gift to repair Quebec’s infrastructure, but was used instead by Charest to pay down Quebecers’ personal provincial income tax?

Now that’s getting pretty close to the free ride Quebecers want.

If knowing that a portion of your personal money, which was taken out of your pocket by your federal government, was used to pay down the personal income tax of Quebecers doesn’t piss you off to the max, you’re an idiot.

And if you’re not even aware of the fact that money was taken out of your pocket, only to be put in the pocket of Quebecers, then you’re an uninformed fool who deserves to be called an idiot.

And that’s how Quebec has been getting away with this insult to English Canada since Quebec’s so-called “Quiet Revolution” which started in 1960.

Because the rest of Canada, and the non-French (Quebecois) population within Quebec has been too self absorbed, and/or too gutless, and/or too stupid to see the writing on the wall, Quebec has been given a free ride at the expense of the rest of Canada.

The political, social and economic parasites of Quebec, aided and abetted by the intellectual elites and federal political class, which is absolutely void of national integrity, have built a Quebec industry on screwing Canada.

And why shouldn’t they have?

If we in the rest of Canada have been too stupid not to stop giving fortunes of our hard earned money to people who treat us like trash, they, the Quebecois, haven’t been too stupid to stop making the demands.

Canada has suffered enormously because of our reluctance to tell Quebec to get lost. Instead of building the country of the 20th century, which should have been ours, we’ve stumbled along on the coattails of the USA.

We’ve sacrificed our international standing not to upset Quebec. We’ve screwed-over our friends like the USA and Israel because French Quebecers don’t like the Americans and Israel’s Jews.

We’ve created national laws such as the gun registry because that’s what Quebec wanted. We coddle youthful criminals, even those who murder, because that is also what Quebec wants.

We’ve stolen whole industries from the rest of Canada, like the aerospace industry which Canada (Mulroney) moved from Ontario to Quebec, same as we took the CF fighter jet service contract from Manitoba and moved that to Quebec too.

We underwrite this enormous Quebec-based white elephant called Bombardier, which costs Canada billions of dollars. We force independent companies like Air Canada to remain within Quebec and abide by the federal Official Languages Act which no other independent company is obliged to do.

We’ve given Quebec farmers a multi-billion dollar dairy industry that guarantees them nearly half of all of Canada’s dairy produce.

We’ve poured tens of billions of federal tax dollars into making Canada officially bilingual (French-English) to appease French Quebec, while at the same time, Quebec is not only officially French ONLY, but makes the unrestricted use of the English language in Quebec against the law.

We’ve made bilingualism mandatory for the civil service where there is literally no call for the French language. And where there is a need within Quebec to protect the rights of users of the English language, the federal government is nowhere to be found.

Quebec is like a gargantuan vacuum that is sucking the financial and social lifeblood out of the rest of Canada that needs to be unplugged.

And if the rest of Canada has any brains, it would pull the plug right now.

What does Quebec want? Who cares? I know what I want. I want a Canada without Quebec. I want my country back.

I don’t want to worry about offending some ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist because I don’t look like him or her when I look into the mirror.

I don’t want to see my country’s foreign policy decided by Quebecers who hate Americans and have their own brand of racial disdain for Jews, Ethnics and “Anglos”.

I don’t want the laws of the land (my Canada) built to serve the Leftist ideals of a failed people within Quebec.

How screwed-up is Canada because of Quebec?

What other country on the planet has a real Charter of Rights written into its Constitution that allows for one part of its populace to have rights the other part is specifically denied?

And other than Canada; which Democratized country allows for open institutionalized racism against a definable segment of its population vis a vis cultural laws designed to eradicate the use of a language, the history that accompanies the users of that language, and the people who use that language?

As unbelievable as it is, Quebec’s crusade to make the English language invisible within Quebec is doing just that. And not without the help of the intellectual elitists and political fools who are too stupid to know, or too corrupt to care.

Pull the plug on Quebec now, and let’s start building Canada the way it should be.

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  1. you have and will continue to inspire my own battles with crazy leftist, underachievers and anti-Semites, such as what is happening with my case against Queens University. There is no thought of “giving up”, just continuing. Even if you are the ONLY person in the world who is doing what is right, it doesn’t make you wrong. A single person can make change for the betterment of mankind. Howard Galganov is just such a person and to think he calls me friend, is an honour.

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