Incredibly – Israel Has Never Won A War.

If Israel really wants to have peace and stability from their bellicose neighbors in the Middle East, what they have to do is win a war.

Before Olmert and his gang of appeasers give Israel’s security and future away, we should know one very important fact that none of us ever discus.

As remarkable as this is, and totally contrary to what just about everyone believes, Israel has never won a war. Israel has won all of its important battles, but has never won a war.

And because Israel has never won a war, Israel’s enemies feel they have won. Or at the very least, they’ve have conned their populace into believing they’ve beaten Israel.

When I pointed this out to a close friend of mine the other day, this friend who is of Czech (Christian) origin, who moved to Israel just after the Second World War, couldn’t believe what I had just said to her.

Of course Israel won a war. Israel won all of its wars. She told me. And then she named them:

The 1948 War of Independence. The 1956 Suez War. The 1967 6-Day War. The Three Year War of Attrition (1967-1970). The 1973 Yom Kippur War. The 1982 Palestinian/Lebanese War. And the 2006 Hezbollah/Lebanese War.

Oh yeah I said to her: Show me a copy of a Letter of Surrender from any of Israel’s enemies in any of the wars you just mentioned.

If the Arab armies and Arab countries did not surrender, where were the victories? Did Israel devastate their cities and infrastructure? Were their Arab militaries still intact after the shooting was done?

The truth is, Israel has been fighting battles from its inception (pre 1948) until the very writing of this Editorial. And Israel has won them all, the important ones anyway. But winning a battle does not mean you’ve won a war.

The Americans won literally all of the battles in Vietnam. But they certainly didn’t win the war.

The Soviets won most of their battles too. But they lost the only war that counted – the Cold War.

The Arabs have a word for non-surrender. Instead of calling it a day with their hands up in the air when things are hopeless for them, they demand, and always get a temporary cessation of hostilities (courtesy of the international community) which they call a “hudna”.

In other words; they take a time-out when they’re losing, and when they feel lucky, they try it again.

If Israel really wants to have peace and stability from their bellicose neighbors in the Middle East, what they have to do is win a war. Not just survive one. Or walk away after they’ve won a decisive battle. Israel has to actually win a war.

They need their enemies to say “uncle”. And then have them sign a document of SURRENDER on Israel’s terms.

Any leader, who brings his troops to war without the absolute position of winning that war, is a leader its country can do without. Olmert is the best example possible.

Israel has got to clearly and decisively WIN a war, so that Israel’s enemies and the rest of the world will understand that there are grave consequences to going to war against Israel.

It’s interesting how the Arabs believe they’ve done well in wars against Israel, simply because they didn’t lose. Even in last summer’s (2006) battle against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Arabs claimed victory, even though portions of their Lebanese cities were decimated by Israel.

The Egyptians still believe they won against Israel in 1973’s Yom Kippur War, even though their 3rd army was surrounded by Ariel Sharon’s army, and survived only because America forced Israel to stay its hand.

REAL VICTORY gives the spoils of war to the victors. Today, in Europe and Asia, maps have changed decisively due to victories and losses. But not in Israel.

It seems that Israel is the ONLY country on the planet that does not to get to enjoy the spoils of victory, even though accepted international rules of warfare (especially a defensive war) acknowledges that the spoils of war go to the victorious.

But perhaps this is Israel’s fault, since Israel has NEVER WON A WAR!

Israel will only know peace and security when their Arab (and Persian) enemies know real defeat. When Israel beats them into absolute submission or surrender.

Until then – Israel will constantly be at war. It’s certainly a guaranteed way for a nation to inevitably die, but no way for a nation to live.

Instead of seeking peace with people who want nothing but Israel’s destruction, Israel would do far better to let their enemies know that the next confrontation will spell their total demise.

The only thing Israel did half-right in their summer war (2006) against Hezbollah in Lebanon was to destroy parts of their cities and infrastructure, since it made Hezbollah and their supporters realize that their cost to do harm to Israel was too great.

What Israel should have done though, was totally destroy Hezbollah cities and infrastructure. And then, Israel should have sent in their ground troops to wipe-out members of Hezbollah wherever they could find them.

Had Israel made Hezbollah say uncle, the Middle East would be a different place for Israel.

Before its enemies will take Israel seriously, Israel must win a war.

And before Olmert surrenders Israel’s unconditional right to peace and security, he should know that his position is anything but a position of strength, since it takes ultimate victory to have strength.

And that has yet to happen.

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