Israel’s Newest Roadmap To Disaster.

Even the failed summer war of 2006 against the Hezbollah of Lebanon was a result of Oslo. And here Israel goes again.

Israel is facing a challenge that is in my opinion far riskier than the Oslo fiasco that led to two Arab orgies of murder and mayhem they called the Intifadas.

In 1993, Israel made a monumental mistake in attempting to make peace with the so-called Palestinians under the rule of the now dead Egyptian-born TERRORIST Yasser Arafat.

Israel’s reward for trusting President Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat to deliver peace was death, maimings and misery for nearly a decade and a half.

Even the failed summer war of 2006 against the Hezbollah of Lebanon was a result of Oslo. And here Israel goes again.

Now that the Palestinian Territories (Gaza and the West Bank) have been torn apart, and the “Democratic” government of the Palestinian people has been torn asunder by nothing less than a muted civil war, the world is once again asking Israel to walk down the dead-end path to peace with blood thirsty Arabs.

The terrifying prospect, is that Ehud Olmert, Israel’s most unpopular Prime Minister (ever), is probably going to condemn Israel to an even greater risk than Rabin did in 1993 at Oslo, by taking the futile steps towards peace with people who want nothing less than the total eradication of the Jewish State.

Olmert will appease and compromise Israel out of what it currently has, and towards unlimited demands for more, from the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Moslem world.

And no matter what, and how much Israel will give, it will never be enough.

There will never be peace for Israel with its Arab neighbors, or from the Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, not because Israel would not grasp at the prospect of real peace with gusto, but because the Arabs see peace only as a stepping-stone to the end of Israel.

It seems that Olmert is blind to this reality, when in fact; the Arab hatred for Israel and Jews is the only reality that exists.

What has really changed in the Arab world that makes Olmert and his equally inept “peace” partners believe that the Arab world is really ready for peace?

Several recently published articles stated that as many Palestinians want peace, as do Israelis. Funny. It seems that just yesterday, as many as 85% of Palestinians polled, favored suicide bombings against Israeli Jews.

Talk about quick turnarounds.

My next Editorial will explicitly explain why I truly believe Israel knows no peace, and what Israel will inevitably have to do to have peace, security and legitimate international recognition.

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  1. Aside from the obvious benefits from your editorials, you have created a harmonious community of righteous individuals and you consistently breath life into it. Thanks for your candour. Looking forward to more. Reads like a page turner! Anyone who says they dislike or hate you, tells us far more about themselves than about you, Bro.

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