Turkey’s Slide To Islamism Is A Global Wake-Up Call.

Voting-in Islamists changes everything for Turkey. Will Europe want to open its doors to the absolute free movement of an additional 71 million Moslems?

Turkey just elected an Islamist Party to a large governing majority. It is said that the Party will not move Turkey towards the Islamic Rule of Law (Sharia), but that is a strong possibility (probability) I would not dismiss.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire (after WWI), Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern-day Turkey’s Republic, made it his life’s mission to guarantee an absolute separation between Mosque and State, to the point that it became a punishable crime for a politician to introduce religion (Islam) into governance.

This policy made Turkey a solid, successful, modern Democracy in a Moslem sea of failure. And now I believe that it’s all about to change.

Anyone, of which I mean most geopolitical sleepwalkers, who think that Islam is not a threat, should pay very close attention to what is happening in Turkey.

Even though Turkey is wildly successful in comparison to all other states where Islam is the majority religion, and that Turkey is modern enough to be considered by the EU for membership, the Moslems of Turkey opted to elect religious Moslems to lead their country, rather than Secular Moslems.

The Turks have proven that they are willing to risk everything to have Islamists in power. Why?

The many who voted for the Islamists dismiss the possibility of Turkey reverting back to its Ottoman days as rubbish. They say they voted for good government leaders who just happen to be fundamental Islamists, and in their opinions, that the leaders of Turkey are Islamists will change nothing.

They are very wrong.

Voting-in Islamists changes everything for Turkey. Will Europe want to open its doors to the absolute free movement of an additional 71 million Moslems, knowing that the Turks prefer Islamic fundamentalists to Secularists?

Would you if you were part of Secular Europe?

Will Turkish women still have equal rights? Will Secular law find itself competing somewhat with Sharia? Will the Imams and Mullahs stay out of politics? Will Islamic education seep into Turkey’s Secular schools?

Islam is the fastest growing of all religions. But what makes it “spectacular”, more than just its growth, is the messianic devotion Moslems have to their belief.

Islam is making a comeback in Turkey. This is not good news. It is not good news for Turkey, for Turkey’s neighbors and for politics of the world.

Unless the Turkish army is willing to stage yet another coup, as they did three times in the past, in order to overthrow Islamists in government, Turkey is in big trouble.

But, whether the army intercedes or not at this stage, Turkey might have crossed a line with very little room for any return.

Wherever Islamism takes a foothold, is somewhere we have to worry about.

There is a very good Canadian Web Site called Free Dominion, run by two people who I have met several times. Free Dominion is about Conservative politics and exchanges of thoughts and opinions. IT IS NOT OFFENSIVE!

Because they published an “opinion” piece on Islamism, which was not a call to arms or defamation, Canada’s “good taste police”, the Canadian Human Rights Commission is nonetheless challenging them.

Had there been a similar article written about Jews, Christians or Atheists, no one would have said boo. But, because there was an opinion concerning Islam, the sky seems to be falling.

Islam is on the march. What has happened in Turkey is ground shaking. And what we see here in Canada, and throughout all Western societies in terms of Islam’s influence on our society, should be more than just a wake-up call.

Secular Democracy is under Islamic attack. And we are all in the line of fire. And Turkey is proof positive of what the Islamists are willing to give up and risk in order to spread their religion and religious beliefs.

We should all be paying attention. Because one day, it just might be you who falls victim to Islam, opposed to Free Dominion Dot CA.

If you want to help Free Dominion (and ourselves) in their fight against censorship by Islam, visit their Site, read-up on what is happening, and perhaps send them a few dollars.

Just think of the consequences to the rest of us, if Free Dominion is put out of business because Moslems don’t like the opinions of freethinkers.

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