Gordon Brown Yet Another Political Coward

Brown’s is of the mindset that has aided and abetted Islam’s TERROR war on modernity, Democracy, all religions that are not Islam and upon women.

Gordon Brown, England’s (UK) new Prime Minister is off the blocks running. And he has left no doubt as a result of his first challenge, that he is not Tony Blair.

After the three attempted TERRORIST attacks in England, one of which was in Scotland, Brown’s “hometown”, his response to the people of England was to carry-on with business as usual.

And . . .

By his decree, it is forbidden for anyone in his cabinet to use the term TERRORIST attack, as it is equally forbidden for people in his cabinet to describe TERRORIST attackers as Moslems, even if they are indeed Moslems.

This gives a whole new definition to the word Putz.

When I was thinking that the only political leader who was worse than Abbas (the President of the Palestinians), was Olmert (the Prime Minister of Israel), here comes Brown to prove that he is as bad as either of the two aforementioned.

Not calling a TERRORIST attack waged upon an innocent nation and its people a TERRORIST attack, is like calling brain cancer a headache.

And not describing the symptom of the headache as cancer, is like not describing the TERRORISTS as Moslems.

I repeat: What a Putz!

Brown’s is of the mindset that has aided and abetted Islam’s TERROR war on modernity, Democracy, all religions that are not Islam and upon women.

He is (by attitude) a far greater danger to the stability, safety and well being of our Western Secular values than the Moslem TERRORIST enemy who is at war with us.

You would think that one Chamberlain for Britain would have been enough. But obviously not.

If I was Israel, I’d be more concerned than just somewhat, since England holds substantial sway in world politics.

In the search of a coward’s peace, Chamberlain sacrificed Czechoslovakia upon the alter of appeasement, for a demon wishing to exterminate Jews.

It is no stretch for me to believe then, that Brown, the incarnation of Chamberlain, would have no problem sacrificing Israel on the alter of appeasement for a different demon with the same genocidal dream of the first.

In a time when the world needs heroes who are not afraid to stand tall, we get a Gordon Brown, a pipsqueak, who is too timid to call Islamic TERRORISTS exactly what and whom they are.

Inevitably, all of us will be the victims of our own leadership who are too frightened to lead. Too frightened to take a stand. And too frightened to tip the cart of political correctness.

For this political cowardice, we in the Western secular Democracies will indeed pay a horrible price.

Britain and the rest of the world needs more Churchills and less Chamberlains. More Blairs and less Browns. More Bushs and less Carters. More Ariel Sharons and less Olmerts.

We need leaders!

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  1. God Bless You & Anne for all you have sacrificed together for the Rights of Others. You’re both “THE BEST”!!! Stay strong and courageous. You will be in my prayers.

    Gerry Ann

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