Canada’s Palestinians

I think the reason why Canada’s politicians continue to dish out the dough and turn a blind eye to Native lawlessness is that they’re frightened that the natives could do to Canada, want the Palestinians are doing in the Middle East.

July 1st is Canada Day. Our version of America’s 4th of July, and what do we have to show for about a century and a half of nationhood? Not much.

Quebec is a poverty ethnocentric nation (province) within a nation (Canada), with a population of less than 7 million that dictates national policy, and costs the rest of Canada with a population of about 26 million (excluding Quebec) a fortune it does not want to spend.

But nothing better defines the failure of Canada than does its Native Indian population.

Canada’s Native communities billed Friday June 29, 2007 as their “National Day Of Protest”. Some of the Natives marched peacefully beating on drums, while others blocked major rail lines and the Trans Canada Highway.

All in all, according to Canada’s mainstream media and politicians, it wasn’t a big deal. There was no violence. Everyone had his or her say. And everyone walked away believing they won something.

But that’s not the way I saw it.

What I saw was a third world people (Canada’s Natives) who live in the squalor of their own creation, demanding things they do not deserve from modern Canada.

And for Canada’s politicians, media and police to think that this was somehow acceptable, is nothing short of an open invitation for more and worse from Canada’s militant Indians.

What do the Indians want from us?

They want to have better living conditions within their communities. They want better drinking water. And they want more land, which they claim is due to them by virtue of their ancestral treaty rights.

But also: They are pissed about Native drug abuse, Native alcoholism, Native diabetes, Native unemployment, Native on Native violence, and an epidemic of Native teen pregnancies.

And whose fault is all of this misery the natives are “forced” to live with? According to the natives, Canada is at fault.

And about the land claims: How much land in Canada do they claim they own? All of it.

So I wonder to myself, what do the Native leaders do with the 10 BILLION (mostly unaccountable) dollars in direct charity the Indians receive every year from Canada, a country which the natives hold in such derision?

Indians living on their reservations pay no taxes and fall under their own tribal laws.

Indians get to run their own casinos and various other gambling establishments.

Indians are not restricted to hunting and fishing laws like the rest of us.

Indians who make it to university have an infinitely easier time getting in than white folks and other minorities. And once in, the educational ride for them is more or less free.

Indians have a tremendous smuggling enterprise since there are virtually no border restrictions for them crossing between Canada and the USA. If you want cigarettes, booze, guns, ammunition and even people smuggled across the border – no problem.

Where I live near Cornwall Ontario, it’s easy to recognize an Indian vehicle because it’s more likely than not to be a “pimped-up” Hummer or Cadillac Escalade.

And, as for being great custodians of the land and wildlife – yeah right!

I’ve been on several reservations where the streets and lawns are nothing more than garbage repositories, and their dogs (many of which are Pit-Bulls and Rottweilers) are left to roam the streets in packs where they tear into each other in search of food and hierarchy.

Other than the Palestinians, I can’t think of another people who are given so much in terms of money and opportunity to make their lives better, yet, like the Palestinians, they work as hard as possible to piss it all away.

And like the Palestinians, when their lives are mired in crap because of their own lifestyle choices, they don’t look into a mirror to see the cause of their malaise; they prefer to point a threatening finger at the people who underwrite the charity.

I think the reason why Canada’s politicians continue to dish out the dough and turn a blind eye to Native lawlessness is that they’re frightened that the natives could do to Canada, what the Palestinians are doing in the Middle East.

And they might be right. But whether the Natives will become violent like the PLO, or continue to just whine, complain and block travel routes is irrelevant. Canada and the Native population within Canada must come to terms with reality.

The Natives are being given enormous amounts of money that they squander. They are given unbelievable opportunities that they continuously blow. And their leadership is at the very best incompetent. And at the very worst corrupt.

It’s time that Canada begins to treat Native Canadians the same as Canada treats all of its citizens. It’s also time for the Natives to take responsibility for their own failures.

But neither will happen. This is Canada. And the native fiasco is only a symptom of a much larger malaise.

Canada Day – What a joke!

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