There’s No Peace With Savages Who Murder Each Other

What difference does it make which of these two thuggish groups (Hamas or Fatah) comes out on top of their civil slaughter?

What’s the difference between West Bank Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, and Gaza Arabs who call themselves Palestinians?

Both groups are Moslems who share a “divine” hatred for Israel. Both groups have built nothing much to speak-of for their people in terms of practical infrastructure and social services.

Both Palestinian groups have cursed their people to live in poverty and violence with hatred in their hearts. And in one way or the other, both groups have stolen fortunes from their people to lavish this wealth upon themselves (Fatah), or to mostly acquire weapons with which to murder Jews (Hamas).

One group wants to be the leader of a Secular State that wants to kill Israel. The other group wants to be the leader of a Religious State that wants to kill Israel.

So, to Israel, I have to pose this question: What difference does it make which of these two thuggish groups comes out on top of their civil slaughter?

As the world rushes to recognize Fatah’s Abbas, who just created a dictatorship by overthrowing the duly elected Hamas government of the so-called Palestinian people, why should Israel be rushing alongside the rest of the world to make Abbas and his TERRORIST Fatah (PLO) respectable?

As I see it, Abbas, like all the others, is just another Palestinian thug in a Western style suit and tie who hates Israel and clings to power only because no one has yet killed him.

And lest we forget, Abbas wrote his university thesis on Holocaust denial.

In this regard, his Holocaust beliefs give him equivalence with other Holocaust deniers like Iran’s nuclear nut-job Ahmadinejad, whose stated desire is to “wipe Israel off the map”.

Israel’s real problem is not the leadership of its many enemies. It is the leadership within.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sees glorious opportunities to negotiate some kind of peace and two-state solution with the West Bank, now that Hamas “seems” to be isolated in Gaza.

Is this schmuck Olmert on drugs?

How long does he think it will be before Hamas supporters start to blow things up in the West Bank? How long before Abbas screws off in fear of his own life?

Exactly what is it that has happened in the last week or so that changes anything for Israel vis a vis its relationship with those who are amongst the most horrible people on the planet?

Nothing has changed for Israel other than a glorious opportunity for Israel to point out to the world that the Palestinians are beyond redemption. ALL OF THEM!

How in the world can anyone expect Israel to make any kind of accommodation with savages who delight in the murder of their own?

There should never be a two state solution. And there should never be accommodation with murderers who kill each other with as much pleasure as they kill Jews.

Nothing has changed with the Palestinians other than their true colors are peaking through under the veneer of pretend civility they usually save for the world to see.

Let the Palestinians kill each other. Let them do to each other what they want to do to Israel’s Jews. Let them be their own sick solution.


There is no peace with savages, no matter how eloquent some of them speak, and how presentable they look. They are the people who throw candies and dance in the streets when Jews (and Americans) are murdered.

They are the people who send-out their children to become suicide murderers, and then revel in the “glory” of their children’s martyrdom.

Peace with them – Never!

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