How About Them Democrats?

From all that I’ve seen and heard, I’m feeling pretty good about the Republicans.

I’ve been extremely busy working with my crew to get our Equestrian Center ready for those people who are looking for a quality place to ride, compete and camp with their horses by the end of June.

As a result, I’ve had very little time to write. But I’ve still been paying attention.

I did write a lengthy article on Quebec’s failed economy and their pretense of being an important player within Canada, when in fact; Quebec is nothing more and nothing less than an ethnocentric (racist) beggar-province. So I scrapped the article.

I was thinking about Iran’s Nazi-like leader, once again predicting and promoting the absolute destruction of Israel. But there’s nothing new with that.

I thought about the Islamic schmucks who were caught planning to firebomb JFK Airport. But why write about them when the big story is the number of Islamic schmucks just like them who would dearly love to do the same thing and will not get caught?

What I decided to write about was the Democratic Party debate hosted by CNN a few days ago.

1: Wolf Blitzer, the host, was very ordinary.

2: In a comparison between the two debates hosted by CNN and FOX News; Fox News couldn’t be better with Chris Wallace as the host, while CNN had to work hard to be worse.

3: The audience in attendance at this debate, at least the ones who were interviewed or asked questions were so far to the Left, they made Centrists look a bit like Attila The Hun.

If these people were truly representative of the Democrats’ voting base, woe be upon the Democrats.

4: More of what I came away with from this Democrat debacle was:

A – The Democrats want to raise taxes.

B – The Democrats want to have universal healthcare, but have no idea if it is going to be universal. They don’t have a clue who’s going to pay for it. They don’t know how it’s going to be administered. But nonetheless, they all want it.

Kucinich is the only one who says, just make it universal and not for profit. This I understand and applaud. It’s just too bad that every other idea from Kucinich belongs on a different planet.

C – They all want to get out of Iraq so they can fight the war on TERROR in Afghanistan. Didn’t anyone ever tell them that there are American, Canadian, British, German, French and other troops in Afghanistan doing just that?

You would think that all of the Leader of the Free World Wannabes should believe that America’s million person armed forces could walk, talk and chew gum at the same time, and fight more than one battle at a time too. But they don’t.

D – They all want to do something about the wholesale genocide happening in Darfur, and agreed unanimously with a no-fly zone as a way to end the murders. But not one of them was willing to commit troops led by the USA to make it happen. Some Free-World Leaders they are.

E – On illegal immigration, their position seems to be whatever buys votes is where they stand. And during one exchange on border integrity, one of the wannabes compared US/Mexican border security to US/Canadian border security.

He even went so far as to point to the tuberculosis infected American-born lawyer who entered the USA through Canada giving the impression that his US entry was somehow comparable to how an illegal Mexican would enter the USA from the Mexican/American border.

He sort of forgot that the infected man was not an illegal alien, but was in fact a US citizen born in the USA, and that he didn’t crawl under a fence, or swim a river to get back into his native country.

As for guarding the US/Canada border: What would they guard against, the millions of Canadians who bring BILLIONS of dollars annually to New England, Florida and other US tourism destinations favored by Canadians?

F – It also seems that to some of the Democratic candidates, that ending NAFTA would solve all of America’s trade problems. Someone should tell them that China is not a member of NAFTA, and that Canada is America’s single largest 2 way trading partner. America sells more goods and services to Canada than they do to any other country on the planet.

After the debate, when everyone was trying to pick a winner from the Democratic candidates, I was thinking the Republicans were the winners.

No one in that debate looked good. And if the cast of candidates on that stage were the best the Democrats could field, guys like Giuliani must be pretty pumped.

I watched the Republican debate a few nights later, also on CNN, where several candidates had all the right answers, and seemed more than fit to become America’s next President.

I even watched Fred Thompson of Law and Order being interviewed by Sean Hannity (FOX News) just after the debate. And he (Thompson) looked and sounded more than ready and right for the job of President.

From all that I’ve seen and heard, I’m feeling pretty good about the Republicans. My only beef with them is their continuing reference to God, and too many sanctimonious positions on morality and abortion. Other than that though, if I had a vote, it would be Republican, preferably Giuliani, with my second choice going to Romney.

The Democrats will wind up beating themselves, just like Kerry did last time out. And all the Republicans have to do is keep it together while the Democrats discover everyway possible to self-destruct.

I wish our choices were that easy in Canada.

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