Perfect Examples of International Hypocrisy Against Israel.

If the Arabs were ever to be successful in wiping Israel off the face of the map, what would the world do about it?

Nothing better defines international anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish double standards than what is presently happening in the Middle East.

Israel is being attacked daily by bloodthirsty Arabs who are doing their level best to kill Jews wherever they can be reached in Israel, especially by rocket fire emanating from Gaza.

An Al Qaeda group amongst Palestinians in Lebanon wants to bring Islamic fundamentalism to the fledgling Democratic Secular state.

The Palestinian Fatah and Hamas groups are at war with each other in Gaza, with a great deal of potential for their internecine war to extend to the Palestinian West Bank. Street battles rage amongst “civilians” where bullets fly everywhere.

Iraqi Shiites are murdering Iraqi Sunnis. In return, Iraqi Sunnis are murdering Iraqi Shiites.

Here’s the double standard and undeniable expression of anti-Semitism:

None of the “usual suspects” including the UN, Amnesty International and the world’s media are saying boo about the Arab on Arab genocide.

As a matter of fact, world opinion is congratulating the Lebanese government for taking its fight right to the Islamists in the so-called Palestinian “Refugee Camp”, which is actually a full-blown city with a population of 40,000 where the Islamists are holed-up.

Unlike the Israelis who use pinpoint targeting not to harm Arab civilians, the Lebanese army is plastering the Refugee Camp (City) with tank, artillery and mortar fire making no pretense whatsoever to protect civilians.

Even the withering heavy caliber machine gun fire used by the Lebanese army is indiscriminatingly strafing everywhere.

You don’t have to imagine the world’s outrage if this was a tactic used by Israel, since we see, read and hear the outrage when an Arab civilian is wounded even after Israeli troops make every effort possible not to harm non-combatants.

As for the Palestinians murdering Palestinians, and the Shiites and Sunnis murdering each other, there isn’t even a whisper from any of the international communities “defenders” of human rights.

Only Israelis come under international condemnation when the ugliness of war reaches the holier-than-thou media. And about the rockets hitting Israeli soil, murdering and creating TERROR amongst Israeli Jews: not a peep.

Isn’t it interesting how the world seems to have no problem with Arabs acting as murderous savages, even unto each other, but cuts Israel no slack whatsoever, while Israeli Jews do far less than what they can do, just to survive.

If Israel acted like Arabs, Israel’s security problems could and would be solved in a matter of hours. It’s not as if the Israelis don’t have the military wherewithal to devastate Gaza and the West Bank in less than a day.

It’s not as if Israel couldn’t declare Gaza and all of the West Bank a part of Israel, giving the Arabs currently living there the choice to live under the rule of Israel or the right to leave, without giving these pretend Palestinians citizenship.

What would the world do or say if Israel took care of business the way the Arabs would if the shoe was on the other foot? Could they hate Israeli Jews more than they already do? Would they write even more lies about Israel? Would they pass more anti-Israel (anti-Semitic) resolutions in the UN? Would the Leftist “intelligentsia” demand more intellectual boycotts against Israel?

It’s not as if the world isn’t already doing all of this against Israel.

Here are two questions we should all ponder:

If the Israelis were to unilaterally declare that all of Gaza and the West Bank were part of Israel proper, and offered the West Bank and Gaza inhabitants a civilized and Democratic lifestyle, what would the world do about it?

OR: If the Arabs were ever to be successful in wiping Israel off the face of the map, what would the world do about that?

We all know the answers. But it’s good nonetheless, to ask the questions.

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