Israel Must Shake Its Delusion Of Peace

Ehud Olmert along with his ENTIRE Cabinet shamed Israel and Jews all over the world. But it didn’t start with him and them.

After reading the preliminary Winograd report on Israel’s failed war with Lebanon (Hezbollah), I’ve come to the conclusion that the report wasn’t worth all that much.

There are very few Israelis who need to read Winograd to know that Israel lost big against what could best be described as a well organized (and limited in scope) TERRORIST army.

In essence, because of Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and the incompetents he surrounded himself with (and still does), Israel lost on the battlefield, in the public relation’s war, in terms of global respect, and most important of all: Israel lost its confidence in itself.

Israelis do not need Winograd to tell them what Olmert cost Israel. They saw it day in, and day out, as the once proud Israeli military were made to look like a bunch of rank amateurs.

They saw it as Israelis by the tens of thousands cowered in basement bomb shelters, or who ran from their homes to get away from an Arab army of thugs.

Ehud Olmert along with his ENTIRE Cabinet shamed Israel and Jews all over the world. But it didn’t start with him or them.

It started with Clinton, Rabin, Peres and Barak.

Rabin and Peres opened the door to Arafat at the insistence of Bill Clinton. And when Barak became Prime Minister, he ordered Israel’s troops out of Southern Lebanon in a manner that gave the “legitimate” impression that the retreating Israelis were a defeated army.

And from the moment Clinton, Rabin and Peres resurrected Arafat, successive Israeli governments looked for diplomatic solutions with the Arabs, where there were none.

Israel has to understand just one thing, and one thing only: The Arab world wants Israel dead. PERIOD!

Even Israel’s so-called “peace-partners” Jordan and Egypt have no love for Israel, and would celebrate by dancing in the streets if Israel disappeared.

Do Israelis or any thinking Jews and well informed friends of Jews really need Winograd to tell them this?

Where Israel really screwed-up in their war against Lebanon, is when Israel didn’t fight to win; and that they didn’t include Syria in the fight.

Olmert is famous for saying that Israelis are tired of war. TOUGH! Are Israelis also tired of living?

If Israelis are not prepared to live their entire existence (forever) prepared for war, and be willing to fight whenever and wherever the need arises, they might as well start packing-up and begin looking for a new place to call home. Because that’s the way it is.

The Arabs and Moslems will never stop wishing for the death of Israel. Nor will they ever stop conspiring to kill Israel. Nor will they ever stop doing what they can to hurt Israel at home and abroad.

And they’re not alone. Most of the world – civilized or not, would like to see Israel dead. And for Israelis to think otherwise is delusional.

There is no question in my mind that Olmert and much of the people who surround him must go, and will go much sooner rather than later. And for Israel’s sake, they would do well to have a general election with which to completely clear the air. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

As for the phony peace talks with the Palestinians: bring them to an end immediately. Israel has far more important issues to deal with than screwing around with Palestinian garbage negotiations.

As for Hamas attacks on Israel proper, Israel must stop playing games and kick the holy crap out of Hamas. As for Hezbollah, Israel would do very well to do the same with them.

Israeli troops must cross into Lebanon in force and beat Hezbollah into a different time zone. And if Syria becomes involved, even in a small way; Israel must take the fight to Syria – all the way to Damascus.

The Arab world must understand that Israel is not their punching bag; that there are severe consequences to be paid for harming Israel. And that Israel will no longer fight for its very survival with one hand tied behind its back, as it has being doing since the horrific Oslo Accord.

Israel’s best and only road to real security, is a policy of zero tolerance to attacks on its territory and people, backed up by a fearsome military no one wants to take on under any circumstances.

And to the Israelis for what it’s worth:

NEVER again elect a leader who isn’t prepared to fight to the death for Israel’s right to survive in safety from the outside world.

NEVER again elect a leader who wants peace at any cost.

NEVER again elect a leader who lets politics govern Israel’s need for security.

Israel is a country like none other. And must behave as a country like none other. Otherwise, Israel will eventually be wiped off the map.

In the final analysis though, and what Winograd will not report, is that the real guilty party to this mess are the millions of Israelis who elected these incompetents to protect Israel.

In a true Democracy, fault always belongs with the people. Therefore, the big question that really needs to be answered is: What will the Israeli people do about all of this?

Their answer, and only their answer will decide the future of Israel.

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