The Guilt Industries

There’s a lot of money to be made for people in these Guilt Industries, who under other circumstances would probably be unemployable.

There’s a slew of so-called industries out there that cost an enormous amount of money, and deliver very little in return. As a matter of fact, most of these industries actually provide a negative return.

The industries of which I speak include: the Poverty Industry, the Guilt Industry, the Aids Industry and the all-new Global Warming Industry.

Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, if not a TRILLION or more dollars over the years have been squandered on these industries that have produced virtually nothing in terms of positive results.

The Poverty Industry is all about raising money to help the poor and downtrodden, especially overseas. But, even though countless amounts of money have been poured into ads of every description to raise money, supposedly for the poor, there are just as many poor people in the world today, as there were before the Poverty Industry got going. Where’s the return?

The Guilt Industry is one of my favorites. We in the West work very hard at working hard, and maintain truly functioning Democracies that make our economies successful.

But somehow, because of our hard earned success, we feel guilty for nations that are failures because of their incompetent and usually corrupt politics.

The Aids Industry is another terrific gig for some. We know from the never-ending ads, that in the past 25 years, there have been 25 million cases of Aids, representing about one million new cases every year.

So where’s the results for the enormous amounts of money and effort that’s been shoveled into this disease, especially since Aids can easily be eradicated simply by not having unprotected sex? To soothe everyone’s guilt, we should all chip in a few bucks for condoms.

And now for Global Warming – the newest, biggest and baddest Guilt Industry of them all.

Here we are (especially in the West) being made to believe that the earth is going to die because we drive cars, refine products, heat and air condition our homes and fly on airplanes.

The shrillness of the Global Warming Industry grates on my ears. The sky’s falling! The sky’s falling!

Where’s the sky falling?

The Global Warming Industry con artists are all lining up at the trough to grab your money and mine. And even though they know zilch about what they’re talking about, all of a sudden everyone with an opinion is an expert.

Even the “real” experts know squat about what they’re so certain of.

I’m no climatology expert, and I don’t pretend to be. But I do know enough about climatology to know that even an imperceptible tilt of the earth will change our climate.

Perhaps an undetectable change in the alignment of planets in our solar system will alter the gravitational pull on the moon and change our tides, which are very much responsible for changing weather patterns.

Or how about forest fires, volcanoes and prevailing winds that all have dramatic effects on the overall climate? What control do we have over them?

But most likely, as proven history shows us, our ever-changing weather pattern is a cyclical occurrence that has been cycling for billions of years.

There’s no debate about it. It is absolutely important for us to clean up our environment for our own pride and health concerns. After all, who wants to live in a dirty house?

We should have stringent anti-pollution laws. And we should go out of our way to reduce all manner of emissions. And we should also do whatever we can to reduce our need for energy consumption for geopolitical reasons as well as economic and environmental.

We should do these things because they make sense, but not because the sky is falling.

There’s a lot of money to be made for people in these Guilt Industries, who under other circumstances would probably be unemployable.

Problem is, the money they make comes directly out of my pocket and yours. And the useless industries they create cost all of even that much more.

I’ve got better things to worry about than the guilt these schmucks try to lay on my shoulders. And if you’re a regular reader of this Web Site, so probably do you.

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