Yet One More Slap In The Face Of English Quebecers

The usual “Anglo” appeasers are upset with this betrayal. But why should they be?

I wrote about the Jewish Canaries of Quebec (Montreal) last Thursday (April 19, 2007 – please see the Archives), and received a tremendous volume of letters.

I suggest, that if you’re interested in what has happened, and is currently happening to the Montreal Jewish community, please read the LETTERS TO THE PUBLISHER section.

It is also worth reading, because history does repeat itself.

Just about all the letters I received shared my views. One person who read the editorial was so upset with my opinion, that he removed himself from my broadcast directory.

I guess the truth really hurts.

Today (April 24, 2007), I’m reading in the National Post, that the minority government led by the Liberal Party of Quebec has included JUST ONE English speaker to its Cabinet, even though the heavily concentrated English speaking ridings accounted very disproportionately for the votes that kept the Liberals in office.

Had it not been for English votes, the Liberal Party of Quebec would not be the governing Party of the province. And as a thank you for saving their ass, the so-called federalist Liberal Party of Quebec has gone even that much further to making Quebec Anglos even that much more irrelevant by appointing only one “Anglo” Cabinet Minister.

The lone “Anglo” Cabinet Minister is a Black female lawyer, with only 2 years of political experience. But she does have a French first name: Yolande (James), so it’s not all bad for the Liberals.

Can it get any more politically correct than this? The only two ingredients missing are: She should be a member of a minority religion, and be physically handicapped.

The usual “Anglo” appeasers are upset with this betrayal. But why should they be?

These are the same kiss-ass jerks who wanted to accommodate ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism, and work out how we (the English speaking community) could become a little less visible each time a new linguistic (cultural) law was passed, and still pretend to have some pride and dignity.

These are the pussies who hated people like me. You know, people like me who demanded to be culturally equal and visible. People like me, who railed at being discriminated against. People like me, who took to the streets to demonstrate, picket and boycott, all within the confines of the law.


Why should these English cowards, appeasers and Quislings be upset now? Where was their outrage when it really counted? When it wasn’t too late to do something about being treated as second-class citizens?

To the English speaking community, this is nothing more than just one more insult upon a mountain of insults. And it is just one more illustration of how irrelevant the English speaking community is within Quebec.

What’s the remedy? As Quebec nationalists used to love to say: “If you don’t like (language) Bill 101, take the 401 (to Toronto)”.

It’s good advice. Especially when you consider that Equal Rights Warriors who put it all on the line such as myself, Brent Tyler, Don Donderi, Keith Henderson and a smattering of others have all but conceded the battle worth winning has been lost.

More to the point: The battle was never lost to Separatists and ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists. It was lost exclusively to “Anglo” Quislings, dummies, elitists, cowards and appeasers.

With them, and with the most appeasing English language media imaginable, all of whom were supposedly fighting on our side, we never had a chance.

If you’re an English speaker living within Quebec, and want to be treated as an equal Canadian citizen forget about it.

But, if you’d rather to be treated as a visible and equal person who should be respected for what you contribute to your community, province and country take the 401.

The time for fighting for equal rights in Quebec was yesterday. The time to regain your dignity by moving out of Quebec is today.

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