Virginia Tech And The Grief Industry

Just like there’s a Poverty industry and a Global Warming industry, there’s also a Grief industry.

There is no question whatsoever, that what happened at the Virginia Tech Campus was horrific and heart wrenching. And just like all the other school shootings and massacres we’ve witnessed over the years, one has to feel terrible for the victims, and the friends and families of the victims.

But more than that though, the killing of 32 is really no different to just one victim and his or her family and friends,

The only thing that makes this worse, is its scope.

Just like there’s a Poverty industry and a Global Warming industry, there’s also a Grief industry.

The media locks-on to this and other tragedies like cruise missiles. All of a sudden, there are no longer crises in Iraq and Iran. No one seems to be noticing that Russia is becoming its old totalitarian self. And even Nicole Smith and all that crap that surrounds her and her pathetic former life has for the time being disappeared.

There’s nothing we can learn from what happened in Virginia, other than bad things happen to good people. The authorities can study what happened until the cows come home. But there’s no blame to be given, other than to the shooter.

There is absolutely no way to protect against a person who is determined to create mayhem, even if that person seemed “strange”. And who’s to say they can know what is happening in the deep recesses of anyone’s mind?

This isn’t about campus security. It isn’t about foreknowledge, and it isn’t even about gun control. It’s all about shit happens.

We’ve seen no shortage of pissed-off people ram their cars into pedestrians, shoot up their offices, or do serious damage to places such as nightclubs from where they’ve been tossed.

Everyday, we hear about crazy and mean people who kill their families, and then take their own lives. It’s all sad and tragic. But what are we going to do about it?

What happened at Virginia Tech wasn’t like 9/11, where the real issue was that a formidable organized enemy with a specific agenda attacked the very heart of Secular Democracy, with a promise of many more attacks to come.

The fact that nearly 3,000 people lost their lives because of this tragedy is also secondary to the reason.

What happened at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, was also an act that was larger than its victims by virtue of the fact that it was an organized attack, which was planned and executed by a group intent upon destroying domestic US policy.

Had the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombings not been caught, there would have been more such attacks.

In the case of Virginia Tech, none of this applies. A person with deep psychological problems who was known to have serious issues attacked the university. Period. Full stop!

So what?

As I asked in the preceding: Who can say what is “really” going on in the minds of anyone? The answer is simple. No one can read another person’s thoughts.

And if the shooter was deemed to be disturbed by his creative writing professor who was more than just a little upset at a composition the shooter wrote, so what?

Read what Stephen King writes, and tell me that’s not disturbing.

When the female engineering students were murdered at the University of Montreal, we had an honest to goodness granola crunching, tree hugging, and hair under the armpits and on the legs Leftist working for us. And when word came over the radio of this massacre, she became wild-eyed and ran from the office to collect her candles, so that she could be on-scene to stand in solidarity with those who were there to mourn the victims.

She didn’t know anyone who was at the university. She wasn’t called by anyone to offer her help or her sympathy. She simply dropped everything, took a few unscheduled days off so she could commiserate with other like-minded individuals while holding her lit candle singing Kumbaya.

We fired her.

It’s galling to me how the media eats this, and other incidents like this up. It becomes their essence. They search and dig for personally sad stories for the sole purpose of entertainment.

The killings might just take a few moments. But the entertainment factor for the so-called news media goes on for as long as the media can suck it dry. And then there are the candleholders who relish in the misery.

What happened at Virginia Tech is a tragedy.

Will it happen again? Sadly yes. Is there anything anyone can do to prevent it from happening again? No. So let’s get on with our lives and dedicate ourselves to dealing with issues we do have some control over, such as stopping conjugal violence, gang-bangers, drug dealers, and rappers.

Before the dirt settles upon the coffins of the victims of this massacre, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and all the others will find another tragedy with which to entertain us.

And then we’ll all forget about Virginia Tech to watch the newest misery reality show presented by the networks.

Kind of ghoulish don’t you think?

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  1. Dear Mr. Galganov, You are both strong,moral,fantastic people. I am so sorry for all you have gone through. You deserve to live a peaceful and love-filled life together for the rest of your lives If Israel could be peaceful; I would suggest there– but that is wishful thinking on my part- so I think Texas would be great–low taxes, high employment and a Conservative atmosphere. And you could continue your wonderful writings in peace and love.Best to you and your beloved Anne. Waiting for the re

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