A Letter From Stephen Eisenberg On The Imus Affair

The apparent leaders of the campaign to get Imus off the air were the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Two men with dubious personal histories.

Stephen Eisenberg of Montreal wrote me a letter further addressing the Imus issue, describing those who are amongst his most aggressive detractors.

His letter was somewhat too long to publish as a LETTER TO THE PUBLISHER, and too good not to publish. So instead of not publishing it where it should have gone, I’ve decided to publish it as an editorial.

I’ve received quite a few LETTERS TO THE PUBLISHER concerning the firing of Don Imus, and have published a few. They are very much worth the read.


I always find it amazing how some in the media’s spotlight are allowed to get away with saying virtually anything, yet others cannot even hint or joke at similar subjects, topics, or opinion.

Though I have not heard Don Imus’ show, he did have a sufficient following of listeners and that determined his presence as a show host. That is until he had made a silly joke that some took to be racist. He made his regrets public as soon as he found out that some believed his comments to be objectionable.

That should have been the end of it. Unfortunately not.

The apparent leaders of the campaign to get him off the air were the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Let us examine the behaviour of these two leaders of morale indignation.

Al Sharpton incited anti-Jewish violence in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 1991 and again in Harlem in 1995. In 1995 he also advocated the boycott of a Jewish owned store including protests of black crowds screaming “bloodsucking Jews”, “Jew bastards” and “burn the building down”; later eight blacks were killed in the firebombing of the store – the fire was started by one of Sharpton’s black followers.

This “protest” was directed at a Jewish owned store, which rented an entire building. Inside that building was a black owned music shop. The black owner of the building raised the rent to the Jewish owned store who then raised the cost of space to the music shop. The rent increase was due to the black building owner raising the rent to the Jewish store owner.

Sharpton made it into Jews versus blacks when it was no more than a rent dispute.

In the past, Sharpton called blacks who disagreed with him “yellow niggers”, yet that was acceptable. He had called whites in predominantly black districts “interlopers”. The list goes on.

He has denigrated and slandered whites, been sued for it, lost, yet he refuses to apologize for anything he said. He also refuses to acknowledge anything he says as being racist or anti-Semitic, even when everyone else sees it as such.

As he once put it, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” (Sharpton, 1991) This is, supposedly, “a man of God”.

Even with his history, Sharpton is respected and a constant source for commentary on supposedly racist and moral issues by news sources. If he were white, he would be called a racist, a hate-monger, or a skinhead.

Jesse Jackson, an admitted womanizer who fathered a child because of this – and who preaches against such behaviour, has been the most called-upon commentator of Imus.

His claim to fame was marching with Dr. King to protest segregation in the US south; many Jews also marched with Dr. King and Jackson, and some northern Jews paid with their lives supporting black rights in the US south.

But Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition” was welcoming to Jews for financial reasons more than being a colour of his rainbow.

He even claimed that Jews were against him in his failed run for political office. In 1979, Jackson stated that he was “sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust”. Imagine if anyone said that about slavery in the US!

In 1984 he described New York City as being “Hymietown” for the number of Jews living in NYC. By what name would he want NYC called because of the number of blacks in NYC? Most civilized people would say “New York City”.

Jackson had stated in the past that Nixon had four “German Jews” as advisers, and questioned why “German Jews” were advisers and “controlling” foreign policy? Yet, there was Jackson trying to make US policy in the Middle East as he got cozy with Arafat.

Jackson and Sharpton have never distanced themselves from Louis Farrakhan, or seriously distanced themselves from his views about Jews. Yet, there they are, enjoying unquestioned media adoration.

Neither kept quiet and let justice take its course about the Duke Lacrosse players (who happen to be white), accused of raping a black prostitute/stripper, almost to the point of convicting them in the press. That her story was full of holes, changed several times, no evidence present, and that she had obvious mental problems did not deter their loud and arrogant blaming of the innocent young white men, acting as judge and jury.

If it were black men, surely they would have demanded caution before media conviction.

Why are they so quiet about black rappers suggesting kiling police, whites, women or those who are different from themselves?

Why are they so quiet about rappers advocating rape, calling women “hos”, “whores”, or singing about treating women as trash?

Why are they so quiet when black comedians make denigrating comments about whites? Why are they so quiet when black radio personalities make negative comments about whites?

So, the next time you hear a black host on the radio, black comedian, or black writer suggests that whites can’t dance, play basketball, baseball, football, play music, or uses the “H” word (Honky) in jest, et cetera, remember Don Imus.

It’s all double standards.

To me, Sharpton and Jackson are racists. And for commenting on them, some may label me as a racist too. That, unfortunately, is the world we live in.

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  1. We are in our 70’s, retired, on a hilltop in N. GA and have read your blog for a long time. I can relate to your sense of outrage at the unfairness of the courts. However, if you come south to GA, USA, come here and you can stay as long as you like. We have a 4 bdrm, 3 bath house, paid for, just the 2 of us, in a golf course- lake- lovely wooded community near a small college. You can lecture there and make bit of extra $ plus help the younger gen wise up!! Contact me when you will arrive.

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