More On The Black Attack On Imus

If a talk show icon like Imus can be torn apart by the mob, who’s safe?

So they did it. Sharpton and his scummy cohorts met with CBS, threatened CBS with mass demonstrations for everyday they didn’t fire Don Imus, and it worked.

But Sharpton wasn’t alone. Senator Barak Hussein Obama, the President wannabe also demanded the removal of Imus from CBS. Here’s a guy in need of a reality check.

Bravo to these “defenders” of freedom of speech, as long as the free speech they’re willing to defend meets with their approval.

I wonder when the American Whites will begin the street riots throughout the USA?

You know – Just like the Blacks would have done.

Think about all the White street riots that have been caused by some slight, perceived or real. Can’t think of any? Maybe because there haven’t been any.

Now think of the arson, property destruction, lootings, beatings and murders at the hands of Black “protesters”, for whatever turned them on. Can we easily forget the Rodney King riots?

What do you think would have happened if Imus was a Black radio icon who called a mostly White female basketball college team alabaster “hos” as a joke, and then apologized profusely for saying what he did, and was fired anyway because of white mob rule, the way Imus was pilloried by a Black led mob?

I can smell the smoke and see the images of Blacks running through the streets with shopping carts loaded with looted stuff.

Oh: Didn’t that just happen during Katrina, without the smoke?

So what’s next?

Will every American talk show host who has an opinion that runs counter to the politically correct, and slime like Jackson and Sharpton just clam-up?

If a talk show icon like Imus can be torn apart by the mob, who’s safe?

CBS fired Imus because they were terrified of what the Black community might do to them, led by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton.

What CBS, MSNBC, and an equally cowardly national media allowed to happen to Imus is not just a travesty, but a policy that will come back to do unimaginable damage to freedom of speech.

Their decision has empowered the likes of Sharpton, Jackson and all other rabble-rousers, including Islamists who deeply hate a bright spotlight being shone upon them.

I’m sure that Sharpton, Jackson and the Islamists in CAIR are celebrating today.

And why shouldn’t they?

This group of America’s worst have just breached the 1st amendment with the blessing, aid and endorsement of a US Senator running to become the next President of the USA.

And with the absolute support of a shaking media too frightened to stand up against a mob.

This is indeed a Black Day for freedom of speech in America. And from here on in, it’s only going to get worse unless a hero comes forward in the guise of a media chain willing to defend the most important freedom Americans have.

Whatever happened to that old adage: I might not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight to my death to defend your right to say it?

And speaking of America’s most vocal advocates of free speech. Where’s the ACLU to defend Imus?

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  1. I appreciate your tenacity. Your work is not in vain. Successes are successes even if they are small. Thank you for all you do. Bless Anne for being your “Rock of Gibraltar.”
    If ya find yourself in Kansas City area some time I’d like to meet you. Can’t offer you free land but I can buy ya lunch.

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