The Black Hatchet Job On Don Imus

The time has long past for the American Black community to stop feeling sorry for themselves, and take full responsibility for their FAILED CULTURE!

There has been much said about Don Imus, the radio and (former) television morning talk show host, who is literally being crucified by the American Black community and White ultra kiss-asses.


Especially the blood-sucking Black parasites who feed on their own community, the likes of the most “irreverent” Jesse Jackson, famous for calling New York City Hymie-Town because of how many Jews live there, and the equally “irreverent” Al Sharpton who has a long career of being a rabble-rouser and Jew-Baiter.

Imus made a very unfortunate comment on his radio/television show the other day. He called the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team “nappy headed ‘hos”, for which he has apologized without end.

He has lost his television show on MSNBC, and he has been suspended from his radio show on CBS with possibly worse to follow. And he is being mercilessly pilloried in the press.


You might not know this about Imus:

Imus raises Tens Of Millions of Dollars every year on his radio and television shows for all kinds of important social issues, especially to maintain his ranch for children who have cancer, where these young victims of this hideous disease get to play cowboy for a while, and forget their very serious problems.

The children who get to go to the Imus Ranch need not pass a race-test. As a matter of fact, to make certain that no child is denied a visit to the Imus Ranch because of his or her culture and/or religion, the Imus Ranch is Kosher; meaning that observant Jewish and Moslem kids can go there too.

What have the Black parasites Sharpton and Jackson done recently for anyone but themselves? What do they give to “their” community other than jive and a con-job?

I heard one of the Rutgers players bemoan the fact that the words of Imus have scarred her for life. What a crock. If that’s all it takes to scar this piece of work for life – she doesn’t have much to look foreword to.

I am sick and tired of kissing-up to the Black community. I can puke every time I hear one of “them” call themselves an “African American”, when the closest virtually all of them have ever been to Africa was perhaps at a zoo exhibit.

I’m also sick and tired of hearing all about how “African Americans” can’t get a fair break, when there’s so much affirmative action, that it’s pure racism against Whites.

Maybe, if the prison population in America is so disproportionately “African American”, it’s because far too many “African Americans” are social pariahs who belong behind bars.

Don Imus is on the verge of loosing an incredible career, and the children Don Imus helps are on their way to losing an unbelievable benefactor, all because Imus called a bunch of university women basketball players “nappy headed ‘hos” for which he has more than sufficiently apologized.

We should all be reminded that the term “ho” (for whore), is a Black creation for which I am certain all “African Americans” must be incredibly proud to add to their “enormous” list of social achievements.

The time has long past for the American Black community to stop feeling sorry for themselves, and take full responsibility for their FAILED CULTURE!

You read it right – Their failed culture.

It just blows me away that a man of the stature of Don Imus is on the verge of losing his entire career for calling a few women “nappy headed ‘hos” in a bad joke.

But Denzil Washington, who used the word NIGGER in his movie Training Day more times than I could count, wins an Academy Award.

It pisses me off to no end, that Blacks want all Black campuses (whites need not apply), and that amongst so many other things, there are Black only music awards.

What would the pariahs like Jackson and Sharpton say if there were all White music awards? Or better yet. That the Academy Awards were just for Whites?

How about the Duke Lacrosse players and their coach who were dragged submerged through the mud by someone who can be best described as a “nappy headed ‘ho”?

What is happening to Don Imus is going to have enormous negative consequences for the Black community throughout America and maybe beyond.

I would be shocked if there aren’t a great many informed people out there, who are just as outraged as I am at this crucifixion of Imus, by a people who are just not worthy.

I will be in New York City next month. And as you might know, New York City is a very expensive place to be, especially at hotels. But Anne and I will spend a great deal of money to stay away from Black communities.

Is that racist? No. It’s prudent.

I’ve heard enough Rap music to know that people who think that the lyrics in “their” music reflects “their” culture, are people I want to stay away from.

If the American Black community is looking to set a divide between themselves and America’s non-Black community, and if they wish to put the boots to Whites every chance they get for real or perceived slights.

They are making a very big mistake.

America’s Black community is close to pushing the envelope too far.

And when the Whites are sufficiently fed-up with being shaken-down by the Black community and their conmen like Jackson and Sharpton, it will not go well for these so-called “African Americans”, who remind me very much of the so-called Palestinians, who have also made an industry of creating guilt, while demanding special compensation for bad behavior.

If I was a Black person living in America, I would hold my head in shame.

I would want to know why so many gang-bangers are black?

Why the teen pregnancy rate in Black America is an epidemic?

Why more Blacks leave high school before graduation than any other race in America?

Why so many Blacks speak English so poorly, that they can hardly be understood outside of their “hood”, making them unemployable?

Why Black Gangsta Rap music is so vulgar, misogynist, violent and the number one music format in Black America?

If I was an American, I would tell the Blacks the following: Until you get your act together, stay on your own side of the road, and I’ll stay on mine. That way you can live your life, and I can live mine.

Then I would tell the American media to stop beating up on Imus, and let him finish his incredible career when it should be finished. Not because of the politically correct cowards who are permeating every facet of our society.

And certainly not because of the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two Black parasites whose only purpose on earth is to suck the essence out of the White and Black communities by playing one off against the other.

That’s what I would tell them.

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