Nancy Pelosi The Enemy From Within

I am so shocked at what Speaker Pelosi has done to undermine her own government, that I can barely see it as not being an act of treason.

If Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) is the best the Democrats have, woe be the Democrats.

That Pelosi is in the Middle East negotiating with Syrian dictator Bashir Assad, says all that has to be said about her and her Party. None of it good.

By being in Syria, especially against the public wishes of the President of the United States of America, Pelosi undermines her own government and sends a clear message that the USA is a divided country.

What America needs today, and what the Free World needs from America is a show of foreign policy strength and clarity.

It is indeed acceptable and healthy for the Senate and the House of Representatives to question and debate the President’s policies, domestic and foreign.

But, to take policy disputes to a foreign power, which is a known and avowed enemy of the USA, far exceeds that which is within normal bounds of Congressional debate.

I am so shocked at what Speaker Pelosi has done to undermine her own government, that I can barely see it as not being an act of treason.

She has given Syria, which is a known State Sponsor of TERRORISM, a political life raft, onto which to hold in spite of the enormous efforts made by the USA and other Western societies to isolate them for being a rogue nation.

Her visit has given succor to the enemy, which gives the Syrian dictator the impetus to carry-on business as usual.

WORSE! She has given Assad a clear path to play one part of the US government against the other. In effect, Pelosi has emasculated the USA by emasculating the President of the USA.

Her trip to Syria can best be described as a pitiful disaster, a disgrace to her country, and a major setback for the West.

Couple this with the real victory Iran has just scored over Britain, and it can best be described as a great week for the enemies of Democracy.

If Nancy Pelosi wants to be the President of the USA, she should resign her seat in the House of Representatives and join the race for the White House.

And if not – she should just shut-up and do what is really expected of the Speaker of the House.

She has embarrassed America enough.

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  1. Hi Howard. I commend you for your perseverance against the corrupt socialistic elitists.( all nations have them). I too lost a case in court . swindled out of two years wages working for a government department run by an absolute scum bag. There is no Justice System in our courts rather a Legal System that meets out no justice at all. I pray all things will go well for you, your labours have not been in vain God sees all. I am leaving as well ,taxed out be greedy academic socialists.

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