Quebec’s Reasonable Accommodation Has Its Limits

Dumont is not my cup of tea. And in a perfect world, he wouldn’t have a chance of leading anything. But this isn’t a perfect world. Therefore, Mario would be my guy.

It dawned on me while I was writing a response to a letter I had just received from one of my readers, that Quebec has proudly proclaimed that it is giving “Reasonable Accommodation” to Moslems.

“Reasonable Accommodation” means what exactly?

Does it mean that Moslem women can show up to vote wearing a full face covering where only the eyes of the woman can be seen through narrow slits? The answer was yes until someone slapped a little sense into Quebec’s Chief Returning Officer.

Does it mean that special provisions will be made to ensure that Moslems can publicly enjoy their culture without having to worry about the Quebec culture police? Yes it does.

How about changing the venerated Quebecois culture of the “cabin a sucre”? You bet.

Well, what about Quebec’s Anglos, or the few of the once many that are still left in Quebec? What about “Reasonable Accommodation” for them and their language and everything else the English have created within Quebec, that successive Quebec governments have either destroyed or stolen?

What about “Reasonable Accommodation” for the English and Ethnic communities that built the best parts of Quebec? And were a part of Quebec for as many years as were the French?

Most of the Moslems who come to Quebec, come with baggage. Lots of it. They don’t come to Quebec looking to become a part of the Quebec culture. And they don’t come with money to invest so everyone will have a better life.

Moslems come to whichever society will have them to change that society to look like them, opposed to integrating so they will become like their adoptive society.

If “Reasonable Accommodation” was to be extended to an alien culture such as burka wearing Islamists for this election, why were Canadians (French and English) prohibited from voting in the last referendum on separation (1995), simply because they wore Poppies commemorating Canada’s war dead which was to be commemorated (November 11) less than 2 weeks from the date of the referendum (October 30)?

Furthermore; if “Reasonable Accommodation” is afforded to Quebec Moslems out of “respect” for their beliefs and customs, why wasn’t this same respect (“Reasonable Accommodation”) shown to the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, when a non Jewish ambulance attendant desecrated the Kosher dining room of the Hospital cafeteria with his unkosher meal?

Quebec’s answer to “Reasonable Accommodation” to the Jewish General Hospital was a $10,000 fine for asking the attendant to eat somewhere else.

What part of the description of “Jewish”, in the name of the Jewish General Hospital does Quebec not understand?

“Reasonable Accommodation” my ass!

Quebec is a sick province governed by sick people who have no idea who they are, or what they want, other than wanting a free ride on the backs of the hard working people they scorn throughout the rest of Canada.

But not all Quebecers are ethnocentric nationalists.

I have many French friends and business associates who are as competent, hard working, fair minded and responsible as anyone. And it’s a terrible tragedy that they are being painted with the same brush as their fellow Quebecers.

If I had a vote in this Quebec election, I would vote ADQ led by Mario Dumont.

Dumont is a Quebec nationalist who has little patience for immigrants who come to his province wanting to be “accommodated”.

But to his credit, he respects the fact that hard work and success should be rewarded by not penalizing success with ridiculously high taxes.

He has even less patience for able-minded and able-bodied freeloaders who want to live on welfare.

And he believes Quebec should stop playing the victim card and get out there and hustle.

The other two candidates are not worth writing about.

Dumont is not my cup of tea. And in a perfect world, he wouldn’t have a chance of leading anything. But this isn’t a perfect world. Therefore, Mario would be my guy.

I think every Quebec Anglo should tell Charest where to get off because he simply takes their votes for granted. If anything, an Anglo Dumont vote will remind the Liberals that there are still some English speakers in the province who still have a little bit of self respect.

If you’re a Quebec Anglo reading this Editorial, ask yourself this question: What has Charest and his Quebec Liberals done for the English community in all the years they’ve been in power?

Then ask yourself this question: What do you have to lose by voting for Dumont?

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  1. Howard and Anne, it just breaks my heart what the two of you, such good, honest people of truth and integrity, are going through…. Know that you have my prayers and support from here in Jerusalem, Israel, and I sincerely hope and pray that I one day get the privilege and honor of meeting both of you in person here in Israel! With all my heart, wishing tremendous luck, success and a minimum of problems in all the major adjustments you face, now and in the future – and true and permanent SHALOM!

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