Poor Pathetic Quebec Anglos

When I was very much involved in Quebec’s cultural politics as an activist, I was very angry. And why shouldn’t I have been?

Anne and I have been away from Quebec since October 2000, but you wouldn’t know it from all the press I’ve been receiving in the Montreal English media as of late.

All Quebecers are going to the polls to elect a new government next week, but it seems that only French Quebecers matter in this election.

So what’s new?

Writers in the English language Montreal Gazette have recently called me a Partitionist and an Angryphone.

An Angryphone, for those of you who don’t know, is a play on the description the Quebecois French use to describe Anglos (Anglophones).

When I was very much involved in Quebec’s cultural politics as an activist, I was very angry. And why shouldn’t I have been?

I can’t imagine how utterly stupid a person has to be, not to be angry when he/she is LEGALLY rendered a second-class invisible person by his or her government.

Remarkably though, the English media that were angry, were not angry with the political Parties who pulverized minority rights. Nor were they angry with the English elitist appeasers who aided and abetted racism against the English speaking community.


They were angry with me for being (in their words) a language extremist. And for being too outspoken and too aggressive in defense of all our Anglo rights to be treated as equals by our elected government.

I asked for nothing more and nothing less than to be equal to French speaking Canadians within Quebec. But even that was too much for the kiss-ass English media.

For making these demands while leading legal and peaceful protests, demonstrations, and boycotts, I was branded an extremist by the English media of Montreal, even though tens of thousands of people rallied with me.

So Anne and I left Quebec because we no longer wanted to be Angryphones.

We moved to Ontario near the Quebec border where we’re about 45 minutes from the Montreal West Island.

We didn’t want to wake up every morning and go to sleep every evening being angry.

We were tired of living with bodyguards and paying their very expensive fees out of our own pockets because I demanded to be treated as an equal citizen in my own country.

We were tired of worrying about the well being of our horses, dog and cats; that someone would do them harm just to get at us. Which I’m sure they would have if the could have.

We were tired of losing millions of dollars in sales from our advertising agency because I had no time to tend to our business, while I attended to everyone else’s business.

We were just tired of it all, but especially of the Anglos who wouldn’t lift a finger to fight for their own rights because they were too busy with themselves to be angry.

We were tired of the Anglo media that couldn’t get angry.

We were tired of listening, watching and reading news reports by French journalists on English language media, because having French reporters reporting to your Anglo audience is the politically correct thing for them to do in Quebec.

We were tired of hearing from these French journalists on English language media, telling us that amongst other things, more English language schools are being shut down.

They never said why. But everyone knew.

We were tired of reading editorials in the English language Montreal Gazette, written by French speaking Separatists like Josee Legault, telling us Anglos all that’s good with French in Quebec, and all that is bad with English in Quebec.

We were tired of listening to her voice as a regular on-air personality on English language CJAD radio telling us the same thing.

We were tired of reading English newspaper reports and watching English television news programs extolling the bilingualism of Quebec’s Anglo youth, while in all reality, these same young people they were reporting on were leaving the Province of Quebec as soon as they could.

We were tired of the duplicitous feature articles and news documentaries written by Anglo sell-outs, about the Bill 101 Anglo children who were coming back, when in truth, the only people who came back to Quebec after they left, were people who couldn’t make it on their own in the cities where they moved. And they were far and few between.

We were tired of watching our Anglo institutions diminished to nothing.

Once upon a time for example; there were hospitals built with the imagination, effort and money of the Anglo and Jewish communities. But today, these same hospitals are officially classified as bilingual institutions where French comes first.

Far more than a quarter million Anglos left Quebec since 1976, with more leaving every day. The Anglo exodus from Quebec is the largest non-war related exodus in living history, yet the English media are not angry.

Maybe, if the Anglo elitists and English media were a little angry, maybe the more than a quarter of a million English speakers with their families, professions, skills and business expertise would not have left.

And maybe it wouldn’t be a crime to have English visibility.

And maybe Quebec’s English institutions would be growing rather than disappearing.

And maybe they wouldn’t have to travel to Toronto and other places to be with their families in time of celebration and time of need.

If the Anglo elitists and English media want to know why I was such an Angryphone while I lived in Quebec, maybe it was mostly because of them.

Maybe it was because they were too stupid, too gutless or too selfish to get angry at racist laws that rendered the English speaking minority of Quebec invisible.

Maybe Anne and I left Quebec because after being angry for so long, we just became tired of fighting against the Anglo elitists and the English media who refused to get angry.

Anne and I have no regrets about leaving Quebec. As a matter of fact, it’s the best move we’ve ever made.

And now that there’s a Quebec provincial election next week, and not one of the politicians gives the slightest damn about what the Anglos of Quebec want or don’t want, the English media seem to be interested in me.

Shouldn’t they be more interested in the fact that this election is not in the least bit about them and their media constituents?

I’m proud that I was angry. Should the Anglo elitists and English media be proud that they were not?

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  1. Do we or do we not have freedom of speech and freedom to communicate as it serves us best in this country whether it be communication in our home or our businesses? Obviously not, but are rather becoming a totalitarian state due to the influence of certain citizenry that I truly believe are striving for exclusive elitism and their own sense of entitlement. Simply the government was on the wrong side of freedom and democracy and you should never have had to pay this price.

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