Some Things Are Just Wrong

Libby wasn’t the only victim of this serious miscarriage of justice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2007, a US Jury found Lewis Scooter Libby guilty of 4 out of 5 charges of lying to a Grand Jury.

It seems that the jury felt terrible about finding him guilty, as if he was set-up to be the fall guy for an incident that proved to be no incident at all.

So why did they vote to find him guilty? I would not have.

The original case had to do with: Who outed Valerie Plame, the wife of no goodnik Joseph Wilson, the self-promoting Washington wannabe?

Plame was supposed to be a covert operative of the CIA. And to “out” such a person is against American law.

As it turns out, she was neither a covert CIA operative, nor did Scooter Libby “out” her as was originally suspected.

Nonetheless, Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Federal Attorney pursued Libby with a vengeance, EVEN AFTER HE KNEW THE LEAKER WAS SOMEONE ELSE!

Fitzgerald was told prior to Libby’s visit to the Grand Jury, where Libby allegedly lied, that the real leaker was Richard Armitage, the former Deputy Secretary of State under Colin Powell.

That’s where the entire process should have stopped. But it didn’t. Instead, Fitzgerald set Libby up for a fall. And that’s not right.

Even street prostitutes are safe from entrapment, and no matter how it can be spun, Lewis Scooter Libby was a victim of entrapment by an over zealous Federal Attorney who was not going to be denied his taste of blood.

While Libby may have lied to the Grand Jury about what he knew and when he knew it, he should never have been placed in a position to provide any testimony at all, since there was no case against him, and no law had been broken.

If anyone should be found guilty of misappropriate behavior, it is the Federal Attorney Fitzgerald.

And if the government wants to go after someone else who is really guilty, they should go after Armitage, not for “outing” Plame since she was never “outed” in the classical sense, but for withholding the fact that he was the “guilty” party, while another man was grilled for Armitage’s supposed crime.

Armitage is scum of a higher order for keeping his silence while another man was tormented for no good reason.

And as for Fitzgerald; to withhold this truth while knowingly pursuing an innocent man makes him even worse.

Lewis Scooter Libby doesn’t need a new trial, or an appeal, or a Presidential pardon. What he does need and deserves, is nothing less than an apology and a return of all the money he had to spend to defend himself from a state-sponsored bully.

He also deserves to be compensated for what the system put him through.

In closing: I believe that right-thinking American people realize that Libby was railroaded, and when push comes to shove, this will impact very negatively upon all of those who had a hand in beating up on an innocent man.

Libby wasn’t the only victim of this serious miscarriage of justice, since every American who believes in fair play, as being the American way, has no less been a victim too.

Fitzgerald gave the US Justice System a very black eye.

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  1. God bless you, Howard, and thank you for sharing your reality. I lived in VT for 30 years and took care of horses and bucked hay bales, carried feed, shoveled to the barns, dealt with frozen water . . . and 10 years ago, I left there for warmer, dryer, sunnier space . . . and have never regretted it. Am looking forward to reading about where you and Anne will be this time next year 🙂

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