Take The Hijab And Shove It

I am fed-up with making accommodations for specific cultures and religions.

What do you do with a girls’ soccer tournament, where one of the players is an observant Moslem insisting on wearing a Hijab during play, but the referee says no?

This recently happened to an Ottawa area girls’ soccer team playing in the province of Quebec.

The Moslem player played several games without incident. But, during one of the games in the tournament, the referee said the girl must either remove the Hijab or leave the game.

According to the referee, wearing the Hijab during play could create a safety risk to herself and others, and wearing anything but the prescribed uniform is against the rules of the accredited soccer federation.

The Moslem player refused to play without the Hijab, and in solidarity, her entire team and other visiting teams from the Ottawa area left the tournament.

Obviously, this incident has created quite a stir.

There are those who called the referee a racist. While at the same time, there are those like me who say the rules are for everyone regardless of one’s religious or cultural beliefs.


Canada is a Secular country where everyone has a reasonable right to practice his or her religion. And an inalienable right not to practice any religion. Also, the absolute right not to have any specific religion forced upon anyone.

The Moslem girl has a simple choice: Choose to take off the Hijab and play soccer according to the rules everyone else must follow. Or choose to wear the Hijab and not play soccer.

I am fed-up with making accommodations for specific cultures and religions. When someone makes a conscientious decision to come to a Secular country like Canada, that person should accept that there are rules and customs that will be different from what they’re used to.


I’m still pissed-off that a practicing Sikh forced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to allow him to wear a Turban in place of the signature RCMP hat.

I would be no less upset if an orthodox Jew forced the Mounties to accommodate a Yarmulke in place of their famed hat.


Canada is my home. And anyone who visits my home, or wishes to move into my home should understand RULE ONE: Don’t screw with my home.

If someone’s leaving his or her country to come to mine, I assume it is because my country is better than his or hers. And once here, if they’re raising their children (even Canadian born children) to be loyal to their old world ways rather than to the secular ways of Canada, they can do us all a favor and not come.

My grandparents were observant Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who delighted in the opportunities Canada gave them and their children. But they didn’t come to Canada trying to change their adopted country.

That’s the kind of immigration Canada needs.


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  1. Good for you, Mr. G! I would have made the same decision. I don’t blame you one bit. It’s happening all over America and I had to do it myself to save my sanity and to survive. This government doesn’t care who they force into bankruptcy. In their mind, the more the merrier because they think you’ll fold and rely on the government. Not in my world! Not now, not ever. You’ll do just fine and it won’t take long to recover and rebuild credit. However, in today’s world, who cares about credit?

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