Nothing Beats Quebec Politics.

Boisclair calls Charest a liar. Charest calls Boisclair a “coke-head”. They’re probably both right.

Canada’s province of Quebec is off to the polls to choose between a hard Separatist (Andre Boisclair of the Parti Quebecois) who wants to take Quebec out of Canada, and a soft Separatist (Jean Charest of the Parti Liberal) who wants to take Canada out of Quebec.

There is a subtle difference between the two.

Boisclair and his followers are willing to do what it takes to become an independent state with all the risks and hardships.

Charest on the other hand, wants Quebec to be a state within a state with no risks whatsoever.

Therefore, I have to ask the people of Canada outside of Quebec what is best for Canada?

Does Canada do better with a phony federalist like Jean Charest who wants his cake and eat it too, as long as the rest of Canada pays for it?

Or: Is Canada better served by a Quebec Separatist who is willing to let Canada off the money hook and take all the risks to be independent?

Under Quebec Liberals, Canada has been dragged through the mud and forced to expense enormous amounts of money just to appease them.

While under the Parti Quebecois, Canada has never so much as given them a ho-hum in response to their threats.

And then there are the Anglo and Ethnic communities that live in Quebec, predominately within the area of Greater Montreal, who are figuratively and literally treated like second-class citizens.

The Parti Quebecois know they’ll receive virtually no votes from the Anglos and very few from the Ethnics, while the Quebec Liberals know they’ll receive just about all the votes from the Anglos and most of the votes from the Ethnics only because they’re not the Parti Quebecois.

How sad is that, that the Anglos and Ethnics of Quebec are so taken for granted, that this election has literally nothing whatsoever to do with them?

If I was still living in Quebec, I would vote for neither the Parti Quebecois nor the liberal party, since one doesn’t care how we vote, and the other figures the Anglo/Ethnic votes are already in the bag.

Boisclair calls Charest a liar. Charest calls Boisclair a “coke-head”. They’re probably both right.

But, if neither the liar nor the “coke-head” do it for you, there’s always Mario Dumont of the very ethnocentric Parti Action Democratique, who’s campaigning hard to keep Quebec Christian, French and presumably white, even though he hasn’t come outright to say white. But that’s just a detail.

Say whatever you want about Quebec. And much can be said good and bad. But no one can ever say that Quebec politics is boring. Even to an outsider (former Quebecer) like me.

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  1. Howard, I have followed your blog for some time now have been amazed at your perseverance where lesser men would have thrown in the towel long ago, especially when fighting the governments, civil, provincial, federal and our courts. To top it off, all of these are supposed to be there to protect and work for us, the people, you and I. Because of our laws, I had to choose option four once about 14 years ago and struggled to come back and I also made sure that my wife would not suffer. Good luck

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