Yet Another Cost To Keep The Nation Of Quebec Within Canada

Harper gives Quebec the open Canadian cookie-jar to help reelect Quebecois nationalist Jean Charest to another term as Premier.

I’m very bothered by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to “donate” almost a half billion dollars to the “nation” of Quebec, to spend as they wish towards Quebec’s “distinct” battle against Global Warming.

I say Quebec’s “distinct” battle against Global Warming, because Quebec really has very few industries in comparison to Ontario and Alberta that contribute to this so-called human-made threat to the world environment.

I write so-called, because I suspect that Global warming is the new industry of the Left, much like the poverty industry, the AIDS in Africa industry and the Palestinian industry, all of which have cost taxpayers enormous sums of money, but have given very little back in return.

It’s hard to fathom what Harper can give to Quebec, more than he already has in terms of even greater equalization payments, since Quebec is already flush with money from provinces like Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Unlike all other provinces, which more or less must play by one specific set of rules, Quebec gets to play by all of their own rules. Harper has even declared Quebec to be a nation.

Imagine that, a territorial and cultural nation within a nation?

It bothers me more than somewhat that a portion of my hard earned dollars that I pay to Ontario winds up in the hands of the nation of Canada, which then turns a chunk of it over to the nation of Quebec.

There will be three important elections in Canada during the next several months. The nation of Quebec will be going to the polls. The nation of Canada will be going to the polls. And the province of Ontario, which pays a good part of the shot for the previous mentioned two nations, will be going to the polls too.

Here’s how all of this seems to be setting-up:

Harper gives Quebec the open Canadian cookie-jar to help reelect Quebecois nationalist Jean Charest to another term as Premier.

In return, Jean Charest uses his Quebec Liberal Party Machine to elect as many Harper Conservatives as possible to be Members of Parliament representing the nation of Quebec.

And in Ontario, which pays for a huge part of all this nonsense, the candidates running for the Premiership will have to explain to the electorate why there isn’t enough money for better education, healthcare, infrastructure maintenance, etcetera.

And what will Ontario do to replace the thousands of already announced high-paying auto assembly jobs that will be cut over the next few years?

And why are taxes getting higher in Ontario?

The last time I checked, Ontario taxpayers pay about $28 BILLION annually to the Ottawa purse. That’s a lot of money that could buy Rolls Royce healthcare, much better schooling, and better roads and bridges for all Ontario residents.

Or, if Ontario does not want to put any of that money to services and infrastructure, it could go to repaying all of Ontario’s long-term debt in no time at all.

And if Ontario doesn’t want to pay down its debt, the $28 BILLION not paid to Ottawa would be a direct savings of more than $2000 per year for every man, woman and child in Ontario. For a family of 4, that’s a significant amount of money.

But instead of doing any of the preceding, a great deal of Ontario’s money is dished out to a province that is recognized by Ottawa and itself as a nation.

Quebec it seems is too good to be like the rest of us, but not too good to take our money.

Even though I very much disapprove of Harper’s politics when it comes to Quebec, I hope he wins a majority government in the forthcoming federal election, mostly because he is the best of a very bad lot.

I hope Charest loses the upcoming Quebec election, because he is a deceitful, two-faced incompetent, who is in office only because he is able to sell-out Canada while appearing to be a federalist.

And frankly, I really believe that Quebec deserves the once upon a time (and maybe still) coke-snorter and still ethnocentric Quebecois Separatist Boisclair.

Canada is always better off when a Separatist rules Quebec, than we are when a convenient federalist Liberal Party leader sits in power.

And as for the Ontario Premier wannabes: I hope Conservative candidate John Tory has somewhere in his platform, that Ontario taxpayers should not be the financiers of the nation of Quebec. And the current Ontario Premier finds himself gainfully unemployed.

Chances are Harper will not win a majority government, even though he’s going all out to buy-off Quebec voters.

And Charest might win back his Premiership as a reward for being able to so efficiently screw the rest of Canada, so Quebec can still live high on the hog with other people’s money.

Canada eh?

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  1. Hello Howard.
    During our lives many times we are confronted with making decisions. I was also some time ago. We had made a lot of money during the good days here in California, with property values going up. We had made several millions, until it all came crashing down on us. At that time I decided that none of my investors should take any losses. It help up for some time, but finally I had to let some take losses.
    We came out of it all with our home intact and our marriage solid.

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