A Tale Of Two Women And A Disgraceful Media

Where our media should be ignoring the slut Nicole Smith, they instead place her upon a pedestal.

Two women faced a tragedy this past week.

One woman is one of the most incredible women on the planet, who had a mental breakdown. The other was a bimbo of the highest order who died.

The first woman I am writing about is US Astronaut Lisa Nowak, who drove 900 miles last week to do harm to another woman who Lisa suspected was her romantic rival.

There are more than 6 BILLION people on this planet, of which, only a handful could ever dream of being an Astronaut. Lisa Nowak made it all the way into space.

To be an Astronaut requires unbelievable intelligence, dedicated training, and extraordinary courage. This describes Lisa Nowak.

Another simple word to describe Lisa Nowak is HERO!

Shortly after her return from her recent trip to space, Lisa Nowak snapped.

She and her husband just split, while at the same time, she had what turned out to be a delusional affair with a fellow Astronaut.

In her wounded mental state, Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles wearing a diaper (as Astronauts do when traveling in space), so she wouldn’t have to stop. She was hell-bent on confronting the “other” woman.

She is also reported to have had a BB gun in her possession, as well as pepper spray and several other items that could be used as weapons.

When she found her supposed rival, Lisa Nowak pepper-sprayed her through the rival’s car window, who immediately drove off for the security gate. And within moments, Lisa Nowak was arrested, and on her way to jail and ridicule beyond description.

Anna Nicole Smith; who I can only describe as human waste died last week by causes apparently unknown.

Here’s a woman who made her money and reputation by selling her body. When we were kids some 50 years ago, we described women like Anna Nicole Smith as sluts.

I can only assume from her sordid lifestyle, that Anna Nicole Smith was a human receptacle for a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases. Sort of like a walking cesspool.

The best I can say about her passing is: no loss.

Yet, to listen to the mainstream media, her passing was akin to losing a social icon. In death, she is on every major news network being eulogized as if her life really meant something.

On the other hand, Lisa Nowak, the ultimate HERO, who put so much on the line for humanity is treated like a running sideshow because she had a mental breakdown.

Where our media should be ignoring the slut Nicole Smith, they instead place her upon a pedestal.

And where the media should be showing the most amount of concern and compassion for the Astronaut HERO Lisa Nowak, they can’t invent enough ways to further humiliate her and grind her into the ground with their heel.

Shame on FOX News, CNN, David Letterman, Jay Leno and all the others who’ve enjoyed kicking the crap out of a defenseless woman suffering from a mental breakdown, while elevating a whore to icon status.

The way the media has covered the demise of two women has sickened me, and should sicken anyone and everyone else who has an ounce of compassion, decency and a sense of fair play.

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  1. Howard, I am a 73 year old retired dentist. We have much in common. In 1965, after graduating dental school in Baltimore, I enlisted as a Captain and put in a 1049 (?) rewuest to go to Viet Nam, belieiving in the cause at the time. I was terribly disappointed when the U.S. Army “stuck me” at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. I now ride a red, white and blue Harley, “Old Glory”. Longer story, too many characters for this space. If you are interested, please email me back. Barry Solomon

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