If You Don’t Like It Here Leave

Having a serious need for more immigration does not mean that we should be prepared to accept cultural changes to our society in exchange for new Canadian wannabes.

There was a time when folks like my parents, who were children of immigrants were told: “if you don’t like it here, go back to where you’ve come from”.

At that time, this sentiment was racially driven. But not now.

Now, “if you don’t like it here, go back to where you’ve come from” is driven by a fear that incoming minorities want to destroy our culture, so they can replace ours with theirs.

My grandparents immigrated to Canada in the very early 1900’s to get away from Eastern Europe, and all of the deep-rooted hatred there. But they didn’t come to Canada expecting Canada to become like them.

They came here for a new life, where our Democratic principles allowed them to be free to practice their religion without fear, and not have a religion forced upon them.

They also came because Canada, unlike their birth countries was a land of equal opportunity where success can happen with sufficient hard work and ample education and skills.

Most Canadians know and accept the fact that we need quality immigrants because of our low national birthrate. We also understand that we need strong minds and backs to carry-on the business of our country.

And we know that we need a growing population to take care of us, as we get too old to work and do it for ourselves.

But having a serious need for more immigration does not mean that we should be prepared to accept cultural changes to our society in exchange for new Canadian wannabes.

As a matter of fact, taking-in immigrants who will bring with them their old-world prejudices and hatreds, creates far more of a problem for us, than it does a solution to our needs.

The other problem with immigrants who bring nasty baggage to our country, is procreating Canadian born children who will be taught the prejudices of their parents.

This scenario is played out every day in countries such as England and France, where English and French born children of mostly Moslem immigrants far too often harbor extreme hatred against the countries of their birth.

This is a problem that knows no bounds. So, what do we do about it?

For me, the answer is and was always simple:


Even though we have assimilation problems with a variety of immigrants who have come to Canada, none are as problematic as we have with Moslems.

Unlike individual cultural groups who bring some old-world hatreds and prejudices with them, their goal is not to change our system of governance and the laws of the land.

Moslems however, represent all nationalities through the commonality of their religion. And it is through their perverted religion that we already feel the pain.

Islam is all about world domination and government by the Koran (Sharia). And anyone who is a Moslem must accept the FACT that Islam is the ONLY religion. And that the KORAN is the ONLY guiding light.

It is therefore the duty of all Moslems to do whatever needs to be done to create a world where only Islam exists, and the rules of Sharia are the only laws of society.

By creating and enforcing an absolute separation between Church and State, we can protect what we have, and police those who want to take it away from us.

I have written many times, that we should monitor all that is said during sermons at Mosques and harbor zero tolerance for any hate-speech whatsoever.

We should not finance any parochial schools through the public purse. And what is taught in parochial schools, vis a vis humanities and religions should be carefully audited, especially and specifically in Moslem schools where hatred of Jews, Christians, Israel and the USA amongst others is an important part of their curriculum.

And there should be no tolerance whatsoever for misogyny of any degree.

Other accommodations we in the Secular West make for immigrant cultures guided by their religious beliefs should end.

Women should not be permitted to cover their faces. Prayer rooms in public institutions should not exist. Chasidim and other religious bigots who are offended by female exercise classes (in Montreal) that can be seen from the street through the windows of a YWCA, should just look the other way, rather than demand the windows be covered.

Other than having the right to believe in whichever religion you want to believe in. And having the equal right not to have a religion imposed upon you, that must be the extent of religious freedom.

Keep it in your home and keep it in your places of worship, which by the way should be taxed like any business. But most of all, keep it away from anything that has to do with the governance of our society.

And if this bothers the Moslems: JUST SHOW THEM THE DOOR!

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  1. I stand with you, Howard. As for the Shriners, I had been a member of this fine group in Austin, Texas but had to quit after an operation. I am still a member of Mina Masonic Lodge 1456 in Bastrop, Texas where I have been the Chaplain for several years. All Masons support the Children’s Hospitals of both the Shriners and the Scottish Rite. If you want to be a mason, ask one.

    Charles Matheson, Sr

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