The Global Warming Industry

So what should we do: stop driving, flying, heating, generating electricity etcetera?

I’m no climatologist. But chances are pretty good that neither are you. As a matter of fact, chances are, that neither you nor I even know a climatologist.

But somehow, we’ve all become climate change experts. Especially the media.

I believe that we are experiencing a form of Global Warming. What I don’t believe is that all these “experts” really know why.

But whether they know why or not has become irrelevant, since the fight against Global Warming has become the darling issue of the 21st century. And in Canada, we are told that it is the most important election issue amongst voters.

They didn’t ask me. Because if they did, I would have told them that Global Warming is way down on my list of most important issues I think about.

My car pumps out CO2. Airplanes taking off pump out CO2. Home heating oil pumps out CO2. Coal burning electric generators pump out CO2.

So what should we do: stop driving, flying, heating, generating electricity etcetera?

It always amazes me, that I never ever hear a climatologist say anything about how much CO2 is spewed out of a volcano. Or how much CO2 forest and grass fires create. Or how much CO2 is emitted from fissures in the ground deep beneath the seas.

I have never heard an explanation by anti-Global Warming fanatics why there were cycles of Global Warming throughout time, long before the industrial revolution.

As a matter of fact: I would like a simple explanation why we’ve experienced the cooling of the earth during our lifetime, if everything we’re doing is heating up the earth?

And what about Global Cooling?

If Global Warming is so bad? Shouldn’t Global Cooling be just as bad?

I agree that we have to clean up our act and stop polluting. I’ve advocated this for as long as I can remember.

Anne and I make certain that our vehicles run at maximum efficiency so we don’t waste fuel and create more CO2 than is necessary. We recycle everything we can. And we heat our overly insulated home with digitally controlled electric baseboard heaters.

We really do it all. Or as much as anyone can reasonably expect. But not because of Global warming.

We do it because we don’t want to breath bad air or drink bad water. We do it because we don’t want to waste the bounty of our planet. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

But this Global Warming crap is far more about creating a multi billion-dollar industry for Leftists, than it is about doing something environmentally responsible, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

In many ways, the Global Warming debate is much like the poverty debate. They are both industries that make unimportant people important. Give jobs to individuals who would normally be unemployable. And create great photo opportunities for politicians who want to be seen saving the planet.

I have written for as long as I can remember about the need to clean up our air, land and water. I have offered comprehensive suggestions on how we can do all of this, and not sacrifice our standard of living.

In all actuality, we can be very pollution-responsible, and in so doing, we can also improve our standard of living. And it doesn’t take global meetings and asinine agreements like Kyoto.

All it takes is a little imagination. A little political courage. And the will to make it happen. I guess that’s asking for too much.


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  1. Howard, I watched the video. Now if only we could get them to vote CORRECTLY, with the same zeal we would have a much different country today.

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