No Redemption For Middle East Arabs

To keep from murdering each other, the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank have decided to murder Israeli Jews instead.

Middle Eastern Arab depravity seems to know no bounds.

To keep from murdering each other, the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank have decided to murder Israeli Jews instead.

Their rationale for killing innocent civilians in Israel, as they did today (January 29, 2007) in the resort town of Eilat, is an attempt to draw the Israelis into a fight with Palestinians, to refocus Palestinian hatred from each other onto Jews.

Personally, I have no problem with Palestinians murdering Palestinians. If I knew that the violence would be contained in the West Bank and Gaza amongst Palestinians, I would chip-in to buy them more guns and ammunition.

I write this, because I think the Palestinians, and if not most, than certainly many of their Moslem Middle Eastern brothers and sisters are beyond redemption.

And if they feel compelled to be murdering anyone, better it should be each other.

Several years ago, in conversation with a Lebanese Christian client of our ad agency, who just returned from a family visit to Beirut, she told me how fantastic Lebanon was.

When I told her that it wouldn’t last. And that it was just a matter of time until Lebanon exploded into civil war once again, she became furious with me.

I wish I would have been wrong about the future of Lebanon. But no matter how sensitive our client was to my future view, the chances of me being wrong about the path the Moslem Arabs would follow was very remote.

I believe that given the opportunity for Middle Eastern Arabs to pick between a road to success and a road to failure, it’s the odds-on-favorite they’ll choose the wrong road.

The territorial history of the Arab Middle East is clear. The violent nature of their religion is without doubt. The tribal instincts of the Arab people reign supreme. And the machismo of Arab men drives them the way testosterone drives a raging bull.

It is these characteristics of the Arab world that makes their choices predictable and unredeemable.

Anyone who thinks that Middle Eastern Arabs can be brought to the table of reason, is without doubt, not paying attention.

Ariel Sharon was absolutely right when he decided to separate Israel from the Arab Palestinians by building the barrier and leaving all of Gaza.

He knew that no matter what Israel did, said and was prepared to sacrifice in order to win peace with the Palestinians, the Arabs would find every conceivable way to screw it up.

In 1973, former Israeli Ambassador, Abba Eben said: “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. He was right.

What can we do about this Middle Eastern sickness, other than building impenetrable walls between them and us? I don’t know.

But, at the very least, we in the modern Western Democracies governed by the Secular rule of law, should all work as hard as we can to find ways to totally disengage ourselves from the Arab world.

There’s no percentage for us to sacrifice for them, since what the Moslem Arabs want most is Jihad. It’s doubtful that peace is anywhere on their agenda.


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  1. I believe it was Gen. Douglas McArthur who said “DO NOT commit a land army to South-East Asia”. We didn’t listen then and we don’t listen now. Politicians can never replace the commanders in the field.

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