Death. Death. And More Death In The Middle East.

What is it with this culture that makes them homicidal to themselves and those around them?

Here they go again in Lebanon and Gaza!

Why is it that Arabs and their Moslem co-religionists around the world take great pleasure in killing each other? And if pleasure is not the right word to describe why they kill each other.

What then is the right word?

Why is it that Arabs are always making deals to accommodate each other, so they won’t be killing each other, but, before the ink is dry on any of their “hudnas” (truces), the killings continue without respite?

Why is it that Arabs can’t live together without guns and murder?

And what is it about Arabs that compels them to shoot their guns into the air when they celebrate or commiserate?

Why is it that the “Religion of Peace” seems to have more ways to beat, torture, rape, murder and treat women as possessions, all in the name of their God and Prophet, than it has ways of compassion?

What is it with this culture that makes them homicidal to themselves and those around them, and celebrates suicide murderers as Martyrs to be loved and admired?

The answers to these questions are very simple:

It is who they are . . . It is what they do.

This is a message that should not be lost on the Americans and their coalition partners in Iraq. It should also not be lost on Canadians and their NATO partners in Afghanistan.

This is who they are . . . This is what they do.


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  1. Regarding your comment #1 regarding Israel, we all should not stop until we know that “the job” is done.

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