The Street Beggar And The Well Dressed Man

Just think of Canada and the province of Quebec. Which is the street beggar? Which is the well dressed man?

I was speaking to Brent Tyler, a lawyer friend of mine in Montreal, who just happens to be the last man standing in Canada, who is still willing to fight for equal rights for Quebec’s English speaking minority, who told me that the Harper Government plans to give Quebec an additional $1.5 BIILION, to the already $5.5 BILLION Quebec receives in equalization payments.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m writing about, Canada developed a unique system of tax revenue-sharing amongst the provinces in order to help have-not provinces.

Basically; it’s akin to taking from the rich and giving to the poor. In my mind, it’s nothing more than a process which enables failed provinces to keep on failing in return for electoral votes.

What is really special about this arrangement, is that there doesn’t seem to be any real formula anyone can point to, to explain how the tax money is divvied-up.

I think it essentially comes down to; the more votes Quebec can deliver to the federal Party in power, the more equalization money it gets.

What we do know though, is that Quebec receives just about all of it.

It is my understanding that Ontario taxpayers fork-over about $28 BILLION to Ottawa every year. In other words, much of what Quebec receives in equalization payments from Ottawa, actually comes from Ontario.

That doesn’t make me feel real good.

Quebec is a poor province that acts as if it’s Canada’s sugar daddy, rather than Canada’s poverty relative. In fact, the government of Quebec has so deluded its population, that the majority of Quebec voters are convinced they’re getting the short end of the stick within Confederation.

Quebec reminds me of a street-beggar who stops a well-dressed person on his way to make a living, to ask him for money. The well-dressed person reaches into his pocket and pulls out a few bucks.

But that’s not good enough. The street-beggar wants more. He says: “look at the way you’re dressed. And look at the way I’m dressed. Surely you can give me more than that”.

The well-dressed person says: “I can, but I think this is enough. And besides, why don’t you get a job? If you have the time and energy to stand on the street approaching people like me for charity, you should certainly have enough time and energy to get a job and make your own money”.

Humiliated! – The street-beggar says: “I do have a job. This is my job. And if you don’t give me more money, I’ll hound you every time you come from, and go to work. And I’ll get all my street-friends to hound you too”.

Not wanting to be a target of harassment by the street-beggar and his friends, the well-dressed person on his way to work decides it’s far better to pay this guy off, rather than have to deal with him and his friends on a daily basis.

As the well-dressed person starts to do better, and wears even nicer clothes, the street-beggar ups the ante.

Now he’s saying that the only reason the well-dressed guy is doing better, is because he does it on the backs of the poor. And he now has an even bigger obligation to give more.

So, the well-dressed person, again not wanting to be harassed on a daily basis by the street-beggar, digs even that much deeper into his pocket.

Then one day, as the street-beggar is waiting for his well-dressed mark to come down the street as usual, he sees the man who used to be well dressed, but now he’s not looking too good.

As the street-person approaches him for his money, the once upon a time well-dressed man says: “I can’t give you anything anymore. I got laid-off. I’ve lost everything. Even my wife left me. Perhaps you can give me a little money”?

With that, the street-beggar looks at his once upon a time benefactor and says: “Hey, this is my street. Go beg somewhere else”. And promptly walks away in search of a new well-dressed man.

The once upon a time well-dressed man walks away. And as he turns the corner, he gets into a chauffeur driven limousine. He smiles, and is driven-off in the knowledge that the street-beggar will finally be out of his life and pockets for good.

Now, if we (Ontario) would only turn the corner, I’d be smiling too.


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  1. I can not believe that a nation like the United States of America can revere a traitor like Hanoi Jane and also have a traitor like Kerry in an important position in government….. 🙁 As a Canadian I will never understand the mentality of voters and what they consider important…. 🙁

    Keep up the good work Howard…. 🙂

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