Dishonoring Martin Luther King

The respect for Black rights that King fought and died for is disgraced by the disrespect his family has shown in his name.

I was aghast the other day, when I saw the family of the late Martin Luther King on television news, fighting like junk-yard dogs to protect “their” monetary interests in King’s legacy.

It reminded me of a speech I was invited to attend in Montreal, where King’s grandson (yet another preacher) was to speak.

The speech started late, because the local promoter, who was the head of one of Montreal’s Black social groups, had trouble coming-up with King’s entire fee.

Other than the mostly White Jewish audience, there were no Blacks.

It seemed strange to me that a chance to hear from the grandson of the late and great Martin Luther should be of no interest to members of Montreal’s Black community.

So, as it turned out, because of the no-show from the Black community, there was a dearth of money with which to pay the speaker.

No money. No speech. Simple as that.

When King’s grandson finally received his payoff, he entered the room with his entourage as if he were some sort of a rock star.

Sometimes, one doesn’t mind waiting to hear someone speak, if the speech is dynamite. But in this case, the speech was as much a bust as was the man who delivered it.

I think this typifies, if not the entire King family, then certainly a good part of it, since the descendants of the great Martin Luther King are morally challenged parasites without talent, living the high-life off their predecessor’s outstanding career and contributions.

The King family is suing anyone and everyone who will reproduce even a syllable of Martin Luther King’s many speeches and writings without being compensated.

They’re all about the money none of them earned. But mostly, these do nothing King parasites forget that Martin Luther King didn’t fight for civil rights by himself.

Nor could he have won the rights of equality for America’s minorities, specifically Black Americans, without the blood, sweat and tears of others who marched with him, including Whites who died in the fight for all people to be free.

The courts have ruled that King’s entire collection of speeches and documents are the exclusive property of the King family. So, instead of honoring his memory by being generous, these sad sacks are anything but.

And even though the King family will not allow an utterance of what King said or wrote to be made public without receiving their pieces of silver, there are many people nonetheless, most of whom are White, who never met King, but in spite of his horrendous family, have donated tens of millions of dollars to guarantee that the King archives are properly housed and protected.

I watched this sad story being told on FOX News, and then on CNN. But neither of these cable news broadcasters even once admonished the King family for being everything their great relative was not.

They should have.

Where Martin Luther King stood for courage and rights. His parasitic family stands only for greed.

The respect for Black rights that King fought and died for is disgraced by the disrespect his family has shown in his name.

And I’m also thinking: where’s the voice of the American Black community to condemn this selfish outrage?

If this is how the American Black community allows its greatest hero to be disrespected, it doesn’t say much about the American Black community.

Or maybe it says everything.

Maybe it is an indicator of why so many Blacks in the USA are illiterate, disrespectful, violent and without hope.

Maybe the King family isn’t just a bad role model for the American Black community, but rather a bad example of the American Black community as a whole.

I think Martin Luther King would be sad to see how his sacrifice, and his dream, has thus far been betrayed.

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  1. Howard; Thanks for the boost for the Shriners ,they are fantastic ! Our great granddaughter was born with some minor birth defects and the Galveston,Tx. Shriners hospital is treating her and she will be FINE ! We give our support to them yearly ! It is a charity that definitely can be relied on !

    Dennis Carlson, Willis, Tx.

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