The Battle Ground Between Us and Islam Will Be Fought Here

We have become so liberal in our acceptance of people who are sworn to do us harm in one way or another, that inevitably, it will be the freedoms we cherish above all else, that will do us in.

It bothers me that I spend so much of my time writing about Islam. It also bothers me even more; that what I write about Islam is so venomous.

But as much as all of this bothers me, it would be unconscionable for me not to write about a vicious religious belief that is bound and determined to destroy the way we live.

Not since the time of the Nazis have we seen a movement as despicable and dangerous to humanity as is modern-day Islam.

And to pretend that this religion, and the billion plus people who follow it are really peace-lovers, is an insult of the highest order to the intelligence of modern mankind.

Every action carried out in the name of Islam screams that this religion is anything but a religion of compassion, understanding and peace.

And it seems that the only time we hear from the spokespeople of Islam, is when they are slamming people such as myself for daring to shine a light upon what is true about the aims of their religion.

But, it is not the pro-Islamist Lobby Groups that bother me. It is the homegrown kiss-ass non-Islamic groups that are led by social elitists, including Liberals and academics that bother me the most.

It is their voices that carry sufficient weight within our modern pluralistic societies, who indeed shape our policies that determine how we are prepared to defend ourselves from this extremely determined foe.

We have become so liberal in our acceptance of people who are sworn to do us harm in one way or another, that inevitably, it will be the freedoms we cherish above all else, that will do us in.

I will not suggest for a moment that we will be defeated by Islam without a shot being fired, since they’ve already fired more than enough shots to declare Islam’s intentions against us, as their declaration of war.

But, it will not be with weapons where we will be defeated.

Not initially anyways.

It will be with our acceptance that Islam is a religion of peace, which will deserve an equal seat next to our Secular Rules of Law that will become our undoing, since Islam sees itself as the only accepted guidance (religious and legal) for personal behavior and the governance of humanity.

When I was a kid, we were warned about “creeping socialism”. Now I worry a great deal about creeping Islamism.

The final battleground between our modern Secular societies which are based upon personal responsibility, and a society governed by the rule of Islamic law, will be fought in the name of Democracy, and then in the name of Jihad on our shores.

If you don’t believe me: Just look at what is happening throughout Europe.

The evidence is for all to see.


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  1. I think much of the blame for peoples’ ideas of what is going on in Israel and Gaza lands squarely in the lap of the ‘media party’. The left-wing media (which seems to be MOST of the media) is SO against Israel and so FOR the ‘poor Palestinians’ because they are fed and regurgitate the anti-Semitic lies without checking to see if what they are fed is FACT, rather than opinion. Maureen

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