A Racist By Omission Is Still A Racist

For people to call me a racist for telling it like it is, says far more about my detractors than it says about me.

My latest editorials concerning the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) light-hearted television series: “The Little Mosque On The Prairie”, has elicited a firestorm of emails and articles from around the world.

GREAT! This means people are paying attention.

Some of the letter writers construed that I am a racist because I write the truth concerning real facts, that are available to all (on the Internet and by other sources like libraries) who want to know.

For Example: No matter how hard I try, I cannot write sufficiently damning articles about WW II Nazis and their European collaborators.

Because I write so passionately to condemn Europe, which was led by a country of genocidal Jew-Haters, does not make me a racist.

The same can be said about the way I write of Islam.

Not all Europeans supported the Nazis. But virtually all of Europe denied Jews safe-heaven. Even Canada and the USA denied Jews the chance to survive Hitler’s Holocaust.

If my aggressive writing about the refusal of nations to save lives, simply because they were Jewish lives somehow makes me a racist, what does (did) that make them?

During the run-up to World War II, and especially after World War II, when the truth of the Holocaust was no longer the West’s dirty little secret, Great Britain did whatever it could to make certain that Jews were denied an escape route to the former Ottoman Empire territories we know as Palestine.

Instead of doing whatever the British could, to make life easier for Jewish Nazi Death Camp Survivors, they instead armed the Arabs to the teeth, and trained them so that the Arabs could finish the Job the Nazis didn’t.

It wasn’t hard for the Europeans and Americans to carve-up Palestine for the benefit of their Arab “Royal” buddies. But for Jews who had a legitimate claim to Israel, and a desperate need for their survival to be there, it was indeed a very different story.

So, if I write very disparagingly about Britain’s obscene treatment of Jews before, during and after World War II, does that make me a racist? And if it does? What does (did) that make the Brits?

For me not to write about the great injustices caused upon humanity would be a moral crime. And so would it also be a moral crime for me to not single-out the perpetrators.

Does the fact that I shine as bright a light as I can upon those who murdered millions of my co-religionists simply because they were Jews, make me a racist?

To some I’m sure it does.

What happened in Nazi Europe can never be forgotten. Nor can it ever be forgiven. But that was then. And this is now.

Islam teaches and preaches hatred for all things not Moslem. And especially all things Israeli and Jewish.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Islam despises the Western values of Democracy, multiculturalism, freedom of religion, freedom from religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and a system of government, which is based entirely upon the Secular rule of law.

They also hate the fact that women can be anything they want to be, including heads of state.

I do not make any of this up. I write about what is. And about what I believe will, or could be as a result.

What I see and hear today, tells me nothing less, than Islam is the home for the Nazis of the 21st century.

So, when I write withering articles about countries and people who pander to this Islamic evil, some will call me a racist, but I will call them enablers at best, and willing participants in evil at worst.

What other people threaten to annihilate an entire country (Israel) because of that country’s faith?

Which other religious group murders its own kind by the millions because of differing views on the history of their beliefs?

Which other religion wages war (Jihad) upon the world, so their religion will become the only global religion?

Which other religion teaches that it’s all right to lie and cheat those of other religions, as long as it is of benefit to your own religious beliefs?

Which other religion teaches that one’s only obligation is to the religion, opposed to loyalty to state and country?

Which other religion passes national laws forbidding women to be equal?

Which other religion celebrates murderers (Martyrs) of innocent people?

Which other religion will execute those who openly practice another religion in their country, as does Saudi Arabia? Or forbids Jews to enter their countries such as most Arab countries?

How many Moslems worldwide stood and cheered, as the Twin Towers crashed to the ground? And how many people of other religions danced in the streets and threw candies to celebrate the murder of about 3,000 people, as the Moslems did on the news of 9/11?

It isn’t because Islam is a gentle and kind religion that Jews in Israel survive. It is because Jews in Israel are not of the mindset of Europe’s Holocaust Jews.

Israeli Jews fight back. And Jews like me will not be silenced. And that’s the only reason there has not yet been another Holocaust.

For people to call me a racist for telling it like it is, says far more about my detractors than it says about me.

Islam is a poison that is rapidly spreading around the globe. And with it, comes all the evils of real racism.

So I don’t need a lecture on what is, and what is not racist. If those who are so quick to call me a racist can’t see real racism for themselves in the name of Islam, that’s on them.

I will not worry about Jew-Haters, Leftists and those who apologize for evil behavior, who are offended by the truth. I only worry about the people who can’t see the truth for the looking.

I’ll keep on writing. And I’ll keep on doing radio shows. And I’ll keep on shining as bright a light as I can on the people who will do us in given the chance.

Some people have accused me of being paid for my opinions. And if I have been paid, so what? What’s wrong with being paid to write and express one’s self?

But I’m not paid to write the things I do. Nor am I paid to do radio shows wherever I’m invited.

The only payment I look forward to, is when someone is stirred to think and take a position because of what I’ve written or said. That in itself, is all the payment I need.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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