Don’t Blame Bush Or Rumsfeld

It seems that murdering Americans who freed Iraq from a brutal dictatorship is the reward the Americans are getting for their incredible sacrifice. Where’s the surprise in that?

Don Rumsfeld was probably the best Secretary of State in Modern American history. And anyone who blames Rumsfeld for the Iraq debacle isn’t paying attention.

George W Bush has shown more courage in leadership than any other President in my memory (including Reagan), and probably since any other President from the time of Abraham Lincoln.

And anyone who blames President Bush for the Iraqi debacle, just like Rumsfeld’s detractors, is not paying attention.

The fault for the disaster in Iraq belongs exclusively to the Iraqi people and the Arab, Moslem, Middle East mindset: And to no one else.

Donald Rumsfeld did what he promised to do, and more. He rebuilt the US military to become the most modern and decisive fighting force ever. The proof of this was seen in just how effortlessly the US Forces crushed Saddam’s full military. Especially Saddam’s much ballyhooed Republican Guard.

It wasn’t even a competition.

Rumsfeld didn’t need to send a million fighters to beat the Iraqis. As it was, he probably could have sent even less military than he did. That’s how good America’s modern fighting force is.

What Rumsfeld did, was create a sophisticated 21st century miltary of the future. Who can ask for more than that from any Secretary of Defense?

George W Bush tried to accomplish nothing short of a miracle by giving every tool and opportunity to the Iraqi Arabs to establish a real working Democracy, and they blew it.

This took enormous courage on the behalf of Bush who laid his entire political future and legacy on the line to do what he believed was the right thing to do.

How many world leaders have that kind of bravery?

I always supported the invasion of Iraq. But I never supported the occupation, simply because of what we are seeing in Iraq every day.

It seems that murdering Americans who freed Iraq from a brutal dictatorship is the reward the Americans are getting for their incredible sacrifice. Where’s the surprise in that?

If Bush can be blamed for anything, it would be that he saw modern compassionate, and freedom loving humanity in the Arab Iraqis, where nothing of the sort exists.

We see the consequences of the Arab mindset everywhere in the Middle East, wherever they have the chance to liberate themselves and join the modern world, they blow it.

In Palestine, the Arabs were given a golden opportunity to taste and live within the rules of Democracy. So what’s the first thing these schmucks do?

Arafat won the Presidency in a sham election the world legitimized, and then ran Palestine as his personal little Fiefdom.

After his death, the Palestinians voted in Hamas: Jew-hating TERRORISTS who want to convert their Democracy into an Islamic Theocracy.

And how does the “Democratically elected” Fatah leadership (Abbas) deal with that?


Cancel the Democratically elected government (Hamas) you don’t like. And have another election (or more) until you find one that you do like.

This is Democracy Arab/Moslem style.

Condoleezza Rice is in the Middle East as I write this, and she is pulling out all the stops to help Palestine’s President (Fatah leader) Abbas keep the Palestinian people from outright civil war.

And somehow, according to the Arabs, including King Abdullah of Jordan, the entire future of the Middle East, including what happens in Iraq, is pegged to Israel giving the Palestinians what they want.

As if that was the magic pill to cure all of the Arab’s political diseases.

It should be noted that Jordan’s King Abdullah is a tyrant, just like all the others in the Arab/Moslem Middle East. Not that he rules his government as a thug. But just by the fact that he is King through birth, giving him and his chosen offspring absolute unelected power for “eternity”.

I wonder if this modern-day Arab Moslem King would be willing to give-up his rule in favor of a true Democratic style of governance? Don’t hold your breath.

Bush and Rumsfeld both did their best.

Rumsfeld succeeded in building the army of the future. While George W Bush gave it his best shot at giving an entire region something (Democracy) they don’t want.

To blame either of these men for the Arab/Moslem failure is to ignore the truth supported by facts on the ground.

If anyone wants to assign blame for the failure to grow and spread Democracy in the Middle East, look no further than the Arab/Moslems who took a precious gift only to throw it all away, into their garbage heap of religious intolerance.


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  1. Obama is pure evil. We are in a revolution worldwide and the radical Muslims are winning because political correctness makes people afraid to fight back. Having decided never to seek public office again, I am much busier denouncing Obama and doing all those fun Conservative activist things I couldn’t do as a Congressional candidate. We must stick together and unify because UNITY not diversity is what we need. Say what you like about the Dems and Muslims; they stick together and we must too!

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