To My Israel Insider Detractors

In truth, there is no such thing as a kinder more gentle vision of Islam. All there is in Islam is a history of violence and a never-ending attempt at world domination.

My January 10, 2007 editorial, “The Little Mosque On The Prairie” elicited some incredible responses, especially from the very much read Israeli Internet News service, ISRAEL INSIDER.

Israel Insider publishes a good deal of what I write that concerns Israel and/or issues which are important to Jewish survival. And after every article, readers have an opportunity to write-in their comments, which invite a lively debate amongst themselves.

What was fascinating about the responses to “The Little Mosque On The Prairie” editorial, were the many people who were upset with my critique of the new CBC sitcom, who suggested that I was a racist, because I was not willing to look at a kinder gentler version of Islam.

In truth, there is no such thing as a kinder gentler version of Islam. All there is in Islam, is a history of violence and a never-ending attempt at world domination.

Other than a millennium and more of grief and bloodshed, what else has Islam given to the world?

The very best example of how failed is Islam, is what is currently happening in Iraq.

The Americans hand delivered to Iraq and its people, the greatest gift any nation could possibly hope to receive: FREEDOM! And what have the Iraqis done with it?

The USA spent fortunes in dollars and American blood liberating the people of Iraq, so they could enjoy FREE-WILL by living in a Democracy.

More than 3,000 Americans have died fighting for Iraqis to be free. Tens of thousands more have been seriously wounded. And hundreds of thousands have been forced to live their lives away from home, friends and family.

What for?

So the Iraqis can make a sham of Democracy and still base their laws on the rule of the Koran?

So that Shiites can murder and displace Sunnis? And the Sunnis can do the same to Shiites?

So that Shiites can kill each other in their tribal wars to win dominance?

Have you ever wondered why only one Moslem country (Turkey) on the entire planet is a Democracy? But even at that, Turkish Democracy is a very frail institution that could fall as quickly as the autumn leaves.

This is the reality of Islam. Not the sanitized crap delivered by Canada’s extreme Left of Center Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in their not so funny sitcom called “The Little Mosque On The Prairie”.

So, to all of my detractors who think that I am a racist for not finding much to laugh about concerning Islam: just think of the hundreds of thousands of men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting for the rights of those populations to be free and Democratic, while those populations do their best to undermine and kill our best efforts.

A couple of years ago, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Montreal (my former home-town) to address a group of students at Concordia University.

Instead of delivering his speech, Montreal Moslems rioted in the downtown streets around Concordia. They charged the building and spat upon, punched and kicked the people who wanted to hear what the former Israeli Prime Minister had to say.

These were so-called “civilized” Montreal Moslems, who, by acting like Middle Eastern Moslems succeeded in destroying FREE-WILL and Democracy in Canada for that moment.

Why? Because the Leftist cowards who ran Concordia, cancelled Netanyahu’s speech in deference and fear of the Moslem mob.

This was (is) the true face of Islam. Not the sugar coated version the CBC and other kiss-ass Leftist elitists would have us believe. This is the version of Islam that will do all of us in, the moment we let our guard down.

If the apologists for Islam want to see themselves and their children kneeling five times a day facing East (Mecca). That’s their business.

I on the other hand have no wish to kneel or bow to anyone. And that’s my business.

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  1. Before the Jews Israel was just worthless desert, nothing, zilch, no-one wanted it. The Jewish people have turned this totally rubbish land into a fertile productive homeland. The Jewish people worked and paid for this land in money, blood, sweat and tears and constantly with their lives. All this time they have been surrounded and attacked by ‘evil’, ‘pure evil’ and have been forced to defend themselves almost every living minute. I am not Jewish and live in Australia. I can see it!

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