Little Mosque On The Prairie

The problem with this whole concept is that there is nothing funny about Islam.

Canada’s nationally owned television broadcaster, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), is airing a new sitcom about a devout Moslem family from the big city of Toronto, who moved to a small farming town in very rural Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s three Prairie Provinces. And is rich in potash, wheat, cattle, natural gas and oil.

The son of the fictional family is a lawyer who decided that his calling is best served as an Imam (religious leader) for the small and diverse Moslem population in this one-horse town.

In the family are the usual zany types we would expect to see in any sitcom, including a wife and young women who are full of antics.

The problem with this whole concept is that there is nothing funny about Islam.

There’s nothing funny about women (young and old) who are either physically coerced into covering their heads and/or bodies, or psychologically coerced to cover themselves up through their misplaced fear of God and male retribution for disobedience.

There’s nothing humorous about women who are denied freedom of choice in terms of choosing a mate, going out on an unchaperoned date, and having premarital sex.

Or in some Moslem societies such as Saudi Arabia, forbidden to drive a car. Or in others, forbidden to receive an education comparable to that of a male.

There’s nothing funny about a religion that demands loyalty to itself above and beyond loyalty to one’s country. Just as there’s no humor in a religion that places it’s own religious laws of behavior above Secular laws.

This absolutely stupid endeavor by the CBC will not remotely portray the truth of Islam, but will rather give Islam a soft and fuzzy face we can become comfortable with.

I can’t even imagine what went through the minds of the Schmucks over at the CBC for coming up with this pro Islam propaganda drivel.

But, to give you some idea of the CBC mindset: In virtually all conflicts between the Israelis and any of Israel’s belligerent Arab neighbors, the CBC can always be counted upon to screw-over Israel in any way possible.

And for you Americans who are reading this editorial, you should know that there is no other media in Canada that is more ANTI-AMERICAN than is the CBC. You’d have to go to France to find equivalent US-haters.

The CBC culture is so far to the Left of the political spectrum, that Lenin and Marx would be proud. And if it weren’t for tax dollars, the CBC would cease to exist the moment the public tap would be closed.

This pathetic Canadian public television network that thrives off the welfare of a nation, which produces “The Little Mosque On The Prairie” deserve each other, as much as we deserve neither of them.

I would like to believe that Canadians deserve much better than the CBC.

After looking at the CBC’s beyond dismal ratings, one has to wonder why our government gives them more than a billion dollars a year, for them to produce trash like “The Little Mosque On The Prairie”.

I guess that explains why Canadians prefer to watch US television over the crap that is produced in Canada with tax payers’ dollars.

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  1. Howard, I am praying for the peace of Jerusalem.
    Patricia Palmer, Carterville, MO

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