Media Lies In Media Slogans

When you hear slogans like: The most trusted name in news, and all the news you need to know. You just have to wonder.

I was watching a few minutes of CNN this morning, something I very rarely do (watching CNN that is), to see what their take was on the noxious smell in Manhattan, when I heard their slogan:


How do they know that CNN is the most trusted name in news? In a million years, how could they ever quantify that statement?

When I was on-air in Montreal (1997-2000), our station’s (CIQC AM 600) largest competitor (CJAD) loved to use the catch phrase that went:


How the hell did they know how much news I, or anyone else needed to know?

FOX NEWS though, has a completely honest slogan:


Now that indeed says something that can absolutely be quantified. It’s easy to debate whether a position was, or was not fair and balanced.

CJAD’s slogan (all the news you need to know) used to drive me nuts. Not because the jerks at the competition used it. But rather, because their listeners never said squat about a statement as absurd as CJAD’s claim.

I watch FOX NEWS more than any other Cable or Entertainment News Network, including those networks in my native Canada. But I’m not alone, since FOX NEWS has more viewers than all Cable News Networks combined!

I don’t always agree with FOX’s position. But I do agree that they allow divergent opinions. And I very much approve of the fact that they make no pretense about being supportive of Conservative positions.

The same cannot be said of CNN and others who “pretend” to be balanced, when in reality, they are often very much Left of Center, compared to usually being just Left of Center.

When you hear slogans like: The most trusted name in news, and all the news you need to know. I have images of the (East) German Democratic Republic (DDR), and the Democratic People’s Republic of (Communist) China.

Their slogans were anything but how East Germany and China really are (were in the case of East Germany).

No one with a working brain can really believe that CNN is the most trusted name in news, and that one radio station really has all the news you need to know.

But that’s how it is. And I have to guess that those people who do believe in these ridiculous media slogans, must also believe that China is in fact a true Democracy just like their slogan implies.

You gotta love the Internet, where you truly will find just about all the news you need to know, and the most trusted names in news.

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  1. It is degusting this hypocritical double standard that the jewish nation has to put up with, especially considering this is the very same enemy that the whole civilized world is facing. This is truly a repeat of the 1930’s when the world stood by and did nothing to stop Hitler. Even when top German army officers secretly went to London in 1938, begging the Brits to help them with a coup d’état, this was refused. The rest is history. And it is repeating now. The demonstrations occurring around th

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