Before It Becomes A Lost Battle

I also believe that Mosques must be monitored for how and what they preach.

Moslem extremist. Moslem fundamentalist. Moslem insurgent. Moslem terrorist. Moslem radical. Moslem highjacker.

Can you see a common thread in the preceding?

If you can see these descriptions which begin with the word Moslem, why then are our governments and Leftist media so blind?

Why do we keep seeing, hearing and reading of the Islamization of Europe, and how the spread of Islam (at supersonic speed) will change Europe to the point where in several generations we will not be able to recognize it?

Why do we assume for a second that our secular laws will not be changed to the laws of Sharia (Koran) once the Moslems reach a significant mass of voters?

Since we see how important numbers are in the application of the Democratic process, what do you think most politicians would be willing to give up for the promise of votes?

You know the answer.

We already see the negative effect of tribal votes in Canada and the United States of America.

In the USA, the Spanish speakers who vote en masse have the none Latino politicians scared shitless to enforce America’s immigration laws.

When Anne and I recently went to Lowe’s Home Center in Plattsburgh NY, where there are virtually no Latinos, all of Lowe’s in-store signs were in English AND Spanish.


When did America become a Spanish speaking country?

How long do the Americans think it will take before the Spanish minority, with their high birthrate and illegal immigration start demanding that Spanish become an official language equal to English?

An American Black Moslem convert won a Congressional seat in the last elections (November 2006), and now demands that his oath of office be sworn on a Koran.

Now ain’t that something?

In Canada, the recent Liberal leadership was won by a French Quebec university professor (Stephane Dion) and former Liberal Cabinet Minister with the help of several hundred Arab/Moslems, who voted as a block to get the man in.

What do you think they (the Arab/Moslems) will want in return from him for their support?

Canada and the USA have an easy out of what will certainly become an abhorrent situation for both of our countries, such as what Europe is dealing with today.

Make both of our countries absolutely Secular in terms of separation between Church and State. Get rid of all public (government, Secular schools, etcetera) observances of religion. And forbid the introduction of religion in all public schools.

As for parochial schools: They should be made totally private with no funding whatsoever from the public sector.

Furthermore: Religious based schools should be compelled to adhere to the public teaching program, and open themselves to be monitored in how the students are taught other religions and cultures.

It is not acceptable for religious schools to teach hatred or lies concerning other religions.

I also believe that Mosques must be monitored for how and what they preach.

And in terms of religious dress in public service, including schools: Ban all religious dress and symbols. Ban the wearing of all Moslem garb, Yarmulkes, Crucifixes, Turbans etc.

And make English the ONLY OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of Canada and the USA, allowing all other languages to be used freely in any other capacity.

As for Quebec: It’s easy. Quebec should be separate from the rest of Canada, where Quebecers could do as they wish.

All of this might sound a little draconian to most people. And absolutely hateful to the Leftists.

But, if we’re going to save our North American culture, and OUR way of life, this is the bad tasting medicine we better be prepared to swallow today.

Or else!

The or else is to live with the nightmare Europe is scrambling to cope with today, in their losing battle with all definitions that start with the word Moslem.

The choice is real simple. At least it is to me.

Islam has already changed much about the way we live. And unless we’re ready to make even more changes within an open Constitutional and Charter of Rights context to combat Islam, we will lose all that our forefathers and we have worked, fought, bled and died for.

It should be that simple to you too.

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  1. All the people in my group of friends support Israel to a tee. I have not found one that supports Hamas.

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