It’s Israel’s Fault. It’s Always Israel’s Fault!

It has always been fashionable and politically expedient to blame the Jews.

There is so much to write about concerning the world, that it should be hard to know where to begin. But, when you really think about it, the beginning seems to always appear at the front door of Israel and Jews.

The reason I write this is simple:

The Arabs throughout the Middle East are doing their very best to massacre each other. So what’s the Baker/Hamilton solution?

Engage the Middle East without Israel.

This would make sense if the talks Baker and Hamilton wish to have with the Arabs would have nothing to do with Israel. But they do. As a matter of fact, these talks will be all about Israel.

The Nazis had an expression for the exclusion of Jews. It was called Jeuden-Frei (free from Jews).

It seems that Baker, Hamilton and everyone else who agrees with this policy shares that phrase too. Even if those words are not the words they use.

Somehow, to the minds of people like Baker and Hamilton, the reason why Sunnis are murdering Shiites, and Shiites are murdering Sunnis is all about Israel.

Just like it’s Israel’s fault that Hezbollah Arabs in Lebanon, are murdering Lebanese Christians in their ongoing war to make what was once Christian Lebanon now Christian-free.

Even with billions of foreign aid dollars, created infrastructures from Israel between 1976 and 1993, and tens of thousands of Jobs in Israel, the Palestinians are amongst the most wretched people on the planet.

Why are the Palestinians such a failed people? It doesn’t matter why. Just blame Israel.

If the price of oil soars out of sight, blame Israel. If an Arab in Iraq kills another Arab in Iraq, blame Israel. If a Syrian crosses into Iraq to cause mayhem, blame Israel. If the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons, blame Israel. If Moslems worldwide hate the West with our system of Secular laws and individual freedoms, blame Israel. That the Arabs murdered about 3,000 people in the USA on 9/11, blame Israel.

If I were to believe that either all or a good part of the evil in the world was somehow Israel’s fault, I would also have to believe that if Israel didn’t exist there would be no evil. Or at least, very little evil.

But how could anyone with a normal functional brain believe that?

The scary thing is that many “normal” people do. Just like millions of “normal” people believe that World War Two was all about the Jews, where in fact, the genocide of the Jewish Gene was just a sideshow to the main event, which was world domination by the Nazi Arian “Super Race”.

It has always been fashionable and politically expedient to blame the Jews.

It was done by the French and Spaniards in their Inquisitions. As it was done by the Russian Czars with their Pogroms.

When things in England weren’t going well, Shakespeare delighted in blaming the Jews. Then again, Shakespeare delighted in blaming the Jews even when things were going well. It was just the thing to do.

Unfortunately, it is still the thing to do, even today in the 21st century by men and women who know better.

The day is fast approaching when Israel and the Diaspora will have to face the reality, that we are just as vulnerable to another Holocaust today, as our recent ancestors were just a few generations ago.

German and French Jews at the turn of the 20th century were socially and politically where Jews are today in North America. But instead of insulating us from hatred then, our visibly privileged position made us that much more hated.

To the French and German Jews; they felt not only safe, but rather, in control of their own destiny and security, even though Jews throughout most, if not all of Eastern Europe were not doing well at all.

When world-class politicians like Baker and Hamilton start blaming the Jews, and making issues that are critical to Jewish existence Jeuden-Frei, Jews and others who understand history have to worry. And not just worry a little bit.

The solution?

Whatever the cost – Israel cannot be allowed to fall since the consequences will have a dire impact on more than just the Jewish State.

If Israel loses – EVERYONE LOSES!

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  1. Howard,

    There is no question the Big O is acting against Israel’s best interests and putting a lot of pressure on them to fold their absolutely necessary and reasonable offensive in the light of the Hamas rocket attacks. I suggest you concentrate on helping the US, Canada and our allies, whoever they may be, to see that. It has become a grizzly propaganda war, and I fear we are losing that. Don Kenney. Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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