The Elegant Anti-Semites Of The US Elite

I will even go further to say that these men are not just anti-Israel, but by extension, anti-Semites as well.

Now that the Iraq Study Group has released its findings and suggestions, there should no surprises at two of its most important opinions.

1) The war is going very badly for America.

2) The entire Middle East has to be engaged, including, and especially Iran and Syria to find peace in the region.

HOWEVER: Israel SHOULD NOT be included in any subsequent peace-talks.

To me, what the Iraq Study Group is saying is that the Iraqi problem can be solved if the “problem” between Israel and Israel’s neighbors can be solved.

But; according to the Study Group’s Hamilton and Baker, the problem between Israel and Israel’s neighbors cannot be solved by discussion and diplomacy if Israel is sitting at the table with its belligerent neighbors.

The leaders of the Iraq Study Group, Lee Hamilton and James Baker are long time Israel-haters, whom amongst others at their level have spent a political lifetime doing whatever they could to undermine Israel.

They will argue that they dedicated themselves to finding a just peace for everyone in the Middle East. But I will argue that what they did was to dedicate themselves to making sure that Israel was in fact denied justice in the Middle East.

I will even go further to say that these men are not just anti-Israel, but by extension, anti-Semites as well.

I know that is it is very politically incorrect to associate people who disagree with Israeli policy as being anti-Semites. But I’m not politically correct. And I have no problem painting chronic Israel-haters as being anti-Semites.

Why else would the likes of Baker and Hamilton have such a hate-on for Israel, the region’s only Democracy and only reliable friend to the USA?

Jimmy Carter’s new book – “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”, which blames Israel for virtually every evil that has befallen the Middle East is replete with distortions, inaccuracies and his personal creations.

In clearer terms: Carter’s book can best be described as a work of lies written to defame the Jewish people by demonizing Israel.

Why would former President Carter, who is without question America’s worst 20th century President write a book that not just smears Israel, but publishes lies with which to do so?

It can be argued that this former President just doesn’t like Israel. But I would argue that by the same extension, as I wrote about Baker and Hamilton, Carter just doesn’t like Jews.

I have a serious problem with people like Carter who works so hard to appear to be the most open-minded, ethical and moral person on the planet, when in fact; he is nothing more than a racist.

It’s much easier to negotiate with someone who is true to his or her convictions, than it is with someone who is anything but what he or she pretends to be.

These are the enemies Israel must fear the most, because they are the so-called “moderates” and purveyors of “reason” everyone trusts.

Israel has already paid the price many times over, because of these phonies who say one thing, while meaning the opposite.

I am writing about people who have convinced Israel that surrendering land in return for nothing is in their best interests, when it is not.

About people who resurrect a mass murderer (Arafat) to journey upon a suicidal voyage (Oslo 1993) for Israel, so a President (Clinton) can lay claim to delivering a peace agreement where none was possible.

And now we have the Iraq Study Group, which wants to engage two countries (Iran and Syria) that have sworn to wipeout Israel, to Middle Eastern peace talks without Israel being at the table.

That’s no less than when France and England negotiated Sudetenland with the Nazis and Italian Fascists without the presence of Czechoslovakia in 1938. We all know how well that worked out.

I fear that these horrid men will get their way.

I fear this because Condoleezza Rice is in agreement with them.

I fear this because these men pass themselves off as “moderates” the world can trust.

I fear this because there seems to be no easy solutions to a mess that has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel, but will be decided upon the future of Israel nonetheless.

I fear this because bad men who hate Jews, but dress themselves in good-men clothing will convince enough people that they are right, and somehow it’s all Israel’s fault.

And if the “Jewish Lobby” steps in to defend the interests of Israel, as it will, including people such as myself, then lying Jew-haters like former President Jimmy Carter will be vindicated, and will be able to claim that the mess we’re in, is indeed the fault of the “all powerful” Jews.

We’ve seen this story before. Haven’t we?

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  1. Muslims…left to do what they desire ,will be the Nazi’s for all non Muslims and all Muslims that question this destruction. Cathy Stokes in her reply above said it best. They are indeed anti everything but Muslim ,and are finding it hard to live on this earth with the rest of us. If Israel is destroyed, one wonders if the rest of us will ever be forgiven, or should be.

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