The Betray Of Israel Is On The Table

I write this because I think Condoleezza Rice is about to give Israel a screwing in a Biblical Proportion.

I smell betrayal from the most dangerous and powerful woman alive.

In my opinion, Condoleezza Rice is without question one of the most Machiavellian politicians of our age.

She makes Kissinger look like an amateur.

The most frightening thing about Rice, is her determination to get what she wants in the stealthiest and most silent way one can imagine.

Ask yourself: What do we know about Condoleezza Rice, other than she is really well educated, a once upon a time superb athlete, and an accomplished pianist?

Have we really ever heard her take a stand on an issue that sets her agenda four square in the ring of international politics? You might think you have. But you haven’t.

Rice has an agenda. She’s not just Bush’s Secretary of State and internationalist confidant. She’s far more than that. Perhaps as much as Bush’s Svengali.

She is one of those people who not only does not need the public light, but rather shuns it. Unlike Kissinger, she prefers to work quietly but deftly within the shadows, allowing others to be front and center.

But from the shadows, she’s moving the political pieces which others are responding to.

There appears to be a deep and cold side within her that bothers me more than just somewhat.

Condoleezza Rice plays her cards so close to her chest, that only those who are the closest to her might know what she’s holding. And maybe not even them.

I write this because I think Condoleezza Rice is about to give Israel a screwing in a Biblical Proportion.

I believe that Rice will do whatever she believes must be done to establish the best relationship possible for the USA in the incredibly strategic Arab world.

And if that means adios Israel: SO BE IT!

She won’t totally abandon Israel. But she will force Israel to accept deals and make accommodations they never should.

Her life is about Real Politik, where the end far too often justifies the means.

Where a little “nothing” state like Israel isn’t worth preserving, if it means losing access to readily available, and so far relatively affordable petroleum energy and extraordinary Arab wealth.

This is a tough playground, where the kids who hold the playing field make the rules. Where the rough and ready players run the game. And the wimps are bullied to the sidelines.

Honest to goodness real tough players are emerging in the Arab (Persian) Moslem world from Iraq to Iran. The Russians are up to their old nasty business. And the Chinese are almost as inscrutable as Condoleezza Rice.

And Israel has the weakest leader in its history.

I believe (and I hope that I’m wrong) that Condoleezza Rice will take all of this into consideration when she makes an “offer” to Israel that a weak kneed-leader like Ehud Olmert will not be able to refuse.

Ariel Sharon once said to George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice: Israel isn’t Czechoslovakia, referring to Neville Chamberlain’s sell-out of the Czech country to the Nazis.

That was then, under a brave leader (Sharon). And this is now, under a pussy named Olmert.

Things are moving super fast. Deals are being made. And Condoleezza Rice, a powerful somebody we know nothing about, is right in the thick of it all.

The prize to the Arabs (Persians) and Moslems is Israel.

The only question that is of interest to me is: What’s the price Condoleezza Rice is willing to pay to get what she wants and believes America needs?

I hope that someone in Israel is asking the same question.

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  1. Howard–As you said, “…the entire WEST isn’t on the sidelines cheering for Israel…” and the reason is because our Country’s “famous president”, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is “pretty much worthless and simply DOESN’T GET IT”. He also appears to be more interested in PROTECTING the Muslim population vs. the American people. He IS, as others have said, leading our Country “FROM BEHIND”. There has been a CHANGE in America but NOT for the BETTER. Enough said!

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