Cowards Of The 21st Century

Ahmadinejad is today’s Adolf Hitler. So why in the world would 21st century, civilized politicians ever want to sit with Adolf Hitler by any other name?

All the talk about sitting down with the likes of Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Jew-hating, Holocaust denying, wannabe-slayer of Israel, is so far over the top, that I would imagine even the most feeble minded politician must think it to be insane.

But I guess not, since this is exactly what most of the world wants to do (UN, EU, and American Liberals).

To add to this nonsense, these very stupid supporters of this even more stupid idea want to include Bashir Assad, Syria’s vicious little dictator in the talks.

The idea of sitting down with these vile debasers of humanity, for the purpose of negotiating some form of peace and security with the various warring factions in Iraq, is an obscenity that reaches into the graves of their many victims.

Especially the Americans and other brave military people who have been wounded or died in the long and vicious battle to free Iraq and deliver Democracy.

To me, this is no different than September 1938, when Daladier of France and Chamberlain of England sat with Mussolini of Fascist Italy, and Hitler of Nazi Germany in Munich to decide the fate of Czechoslovakia.

These two cowards (Chamberlain and Daladier) were self-empowered to negotiate the freedom of a sovereign nation (Czechoslovakia), which was not even theirs. And look at what happened.

Ahmadinejad is today’s Adolf Hitler. So why in the world would 21st century, civilized politicians ever want to sit with Adolf Hitler by any other name?

What can they discuss with the Persian Moslem monster who is doing everything within his power to develop nuclear weapons with which he will TERRORIZE the world at the very least, and lay waste to Israel and others at the very worst?

Is the world so stupid and frightened of Ahmadinejad, that they think there is something constructive to be negotiated with the man who is the premiere financier and supporter of Moslem TERRORISM worldwide?

You don’t negotiate with defilers of humanity and architects of genocide. You kill them. You erase them from humanity. And you take all of their supporters down too.

That’s what the world should have done with Adolf Hitler before he had his chance to do the horrid things he did.

And that’s what the world should have done with Stalin before he inflicted his version of genocide and national imprisonment and servitude to his Communist ideals.

Appeasement served on the alter of diplomacy is the work of cowards whose only reward will be oblivion for many.

Israel’s worst Prime Minister ever; Ehud Olmert, is once again embarked upon a suicidal and delusional “peace” path with the Palestinians in his vacuous hope for Israel’s security.

It seems to mean nothing to Olmert that people (Palestinians) who send their children and grandmothers on suicide attacks to murder other people’s children and grandmothers are without redemption.

It is lost on him that the Palestinian Arabs who have no hesitation in murdering their own, will somehow, because of his peace entreaty feel compelled not to murder Israeli Jews.

The Palestinian Arabs are asking Israel for negotiations not because they’ve all of a sudden had a change of heart concerning Israel’s right to exist and live in peace and security.

But rather, since the Lebanese war, Israel has been relentlessly pounding Arab TERRORISTS and their supporters’ in Gaza. And when necessary, in the West Bank too.

Instead of “negotiating” with Palestinian murderers and architects of murder, Israel has been killing them wherever they could be found.

And it’s made a difference.

This alone is what is motivating the dreadful Palestinian leadership to seek a respite from killing Jews. The Palestinians need a breather so they can regroup, rearm, re-plan and get their TERROR war back on-track.

And Olmert, Israel’s Chamberlain, is letting them do just that.

Instead of playing the Palestinian Arab game by making believe they really want peace, Israel would do much better to keep pounding them until the Palestinian Arabs get the message, and stop waging war on Israel without conditions and concessions.

Then, and only then, will there be peace and security for Israel. Just like it was before Arafat’s 1993 resurrection and the deceased Oslo Accord.

The world is indeed served by the most cowardly leaders we have seen since the days when Chamberlain came back from his Munich trip in 1938, proclaiming: “peace in our time” with Hitler.

Since history does indeed repeat itself, we are in for some frightening, challenging and destructive times led by the same type of cowards who brought the planet to perdition only several generations ago.

It is sad how the people whom we trust the most, are far too often the ones who will inevitably cause us the most harm.

And the leaders who do lead, are inevitably the one’s we trust the least.

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  1. The good news is, Jesus will come and take his faithful, and non-believers and muslims will face the truth. Praise God!! Why did the Jews change their calendar (so the prophecy wouldn’t coincide with Christ’s first coming)?

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