A Fresh New Face In Washington

Many Conservative writers are saying that what defeated the Republicans is that they stopped being true to their Right wing agenda. NONSENCE!

Speaker Pelosi just doesn’t sound right. But Speaker Pelosi it is.

This makes her the second most powerful politician in America, and the third person in the line of succession if something were to happen to the President and the Vice President.

America will change substantially with Pelosi at the helm of the House of Representatives. But that does not necessarily mean in a bad way.

For years, I’ve been harping about George W Bush’s very Right wing social agenda. And for years he and his Party have been pushing for issues that are really not the business of the government.

While it is absolutely true that the American people have had enough with Iraq and the way George W Bush and his staff have mishandled it. It is also true that a great number of Conservatives with a somewhat Liberal social philosophy (like me) are completely alienated by Bush’s form of religious Conservatism.

The republicans also drove away many Independents and somewhat Conservative Democrats with their never ending push against same sex marriages, abortion rights, embryonic stem cell research and the reintroduction of religion in public society.

Many Conservative writers are saying that what defeated the Republicans is that they stopped being true to their Right wing agenda. NONSENCE!

What mostly defeated the Republicans is that they are out of step with the majority of American people.

The average American has little interest in living someone else’s life, especially when living one’s own life is no easy walk in the park. Yet, the Republicans kept whacking at issues that were really no one’s business.

What is the business of the government – is to make everyone’s life better. Not worse. And certainly not more complicated.

Americans’ greatest fear is: WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET SICK? How did the Republicans address this concern? They didn’t.

Americans are fed-up with illegal immigration. How did the Republicans address this concern? They didn’t.

Americans want to see real progress in Iraq. But platitudes aside, how did the Republicans show honest to goodness progress? They didn’t.

What makes the American political system perhaps the best in the world is that everyone is eventually answerable to the electorate, more so than to the Party.

And when one policy shifts too far in one direction, as the Republican social agenda went too far to the Right, the electorate will inevitably bring it to the Center on the way to the Left.

And when social policies move too much to the Left as they will do with Pelosi and her gang, they will shift once again.

The very best example of what America wants can be seen in the successful campaign of Senator Joe Lieberman.

The Leftists in the Democratic Party not only stabbed him in the back, but did whatever they could to keep him from winning reelection. To the Leftists, Joe was too supportive of winning the war in Iraq.

To the far Right Conservatives, Joe was too much in favor of independent social rights. But in reality, Joe Lieberman won big-time because he honestly reflected what the people of his State wanted from him.

If no other message should not be lost on the Republicans and Democrats, it is the lesson of how Joe Lieberman gave the people what they wanted. And in return, they gave him back his Senate seat.

In past Editorials, I’ve written that the far Right social agenda of the Republicans is no big deal, since it takes more than just the President to change the social policies of the USA.

And, if and when those policies become too extreme in either direction, the people of America will speak out.

Yesterday, the people spoke out. Perhaps today, would be a good day for the politicians to begin listening.

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  1. Sadly I do agree with your insights. I think another American/North American civil war is in the future. It will be the US Constitution/Charter of Rights vs. Muslim Sharia. After that point in time, there may be a United States that you are taking about.Until then, I do fear that the feckless ones are in command. Israel may indeed be the last refuge for democracy.

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