You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’til It’s Gone.

Just like the Israelis - Perhaps the American people and the Republican Party need a reminder.

The possibility of the USA going Democrat at both the Senate and the House of Representatives at tomorrow’s election might not be all that bad for the Republicans or the USA.

Just like it wasn’t all that bad that Israel was kicked around by Hezbollah during this past summer’s war against Lebanon.

The words in the song say: “You Don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” has real meaning.

And very often when it’s gone – it’s just too late. And it’s gone forever.

This is absolutely true in just about everything. And every now and then, we need a reminder, just so we don’t lose our appreciation for what we’ve got.

In the case of Israel, the Israelis and the Diaspora forgot what it took to build and protect this incredible little Middle Eastern Democracy.

We all took it for granted that Israel was strong and invincible against her Arab/Moslem enemies, even though Israel has moved significantly to the Left in their belief that security was no longer their most pressing issue.

It was exceptionally lucky for Israel that they were bloodied by a handful of rag tag TERRORISTS, just to see how ill equipped and poorly prepared they were for what should have been nothing more than a military exercise.

Had Israel’s belligerent neighbors attacked en masse, as they did during the Yom Kippur War of 1972, Israel could have really been pounded and very possibly defeated.

Then Israelis, Diaspora Jews and other supporters of Israel would have really known the meaning of the words of: “You Don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”, because, had that happened, Israel would have been gone forever.

But luckily for Israel, their slap-down at the hands of Hezbollah was nothing more than a serious wakeup-call which in itself probably did more to save Israel from a real military threat than anything else.

In a critical way, Hezbollah did Israel the favor of its life.

In the case of the USA:

Having the likes of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Charlie Rangel, Howard Dean and other Democrat nut-bars running the Senate and the House for a couple of years, might very well be the wakeup-call needed by the American people and the Republican Party.

Perhaps the Republicans need a real reminder that they’ve drifted too far to the right, and no longer represent what the majority of Americans stand for.

The Republicans need to know that most Americans don’t want to waste their time and energy doing battle against a woman’s right to choose. Against the rights of Gays and Lesbians. Against the need for complete stem cell research. And for a complete separation between Church and State.

I believe most Americans realize that the USA is engaged in a necessary war with Islam, and that this war needs special measures.

I further believe that the war in Iraq is not popular with the vast majority of Americans, but nonetheless an acceptable evil, if this is what it takes to inevitably keep America safe.

The American economy is very strong. The level of unemployment is under 5%, which literally means that everyone in the USA who wants to work can have a job.

But that doesn’t mean there are real needs that can be ignored.

Americans need proper healthcare akin to the system we enjoy in Canada. America needs a better system of education so no child will truly be left behind. And America needs a far more honest, and less beholden to special interests government.

Americans also want proper border protection, and an immigration policy that does not allow as many as 20 million illegals into their country. Or magically convert them into legal guest workers.

America wants secure borders.

Losing one or more of these two levels of government will give the Republicans the message, that even though they are the better overall political alternative for the American people, they have to do more, and be more inline with what the American people want.

Having one or both levels of the Congress fall into Democratic hands will give the Republicans the golden opportunity to regroup and retool their message.

It will also give the American people a taste of what their government will look like under the dysfunctional governance of the Democratic Party.

At this point in space and time, a humbling loss for the Republicans is probably better now, than in 2008 when a loss will really be a disaster.

Remember: “You Don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”.

Just like the Israelis – Perhaps the American people and the Republican Party need a reminder too.

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