1,000 Female Shields

In my words: Islam is a religion that should not be permitted to exist in any civilized society.

I’ve been exceptionally busy during the past few weeks, which has prevented me from writing. But I’m never too busy to read, watch and listen. And what has transpired over the past couple of weeks is more of the same old, same old.

Except, what I’m seeing and hearing tells me that we’re even that much closer to the day of reckoning with the Islamo-Fascists today, than we were yesterday.

A week ago Wednesday, I attended a seminar in downtown Montreal where 4 Middle Eastern women spoke of their personal experiences in the countries of their births.

One woman was from Iran who left at such a tender age, that her experiences were more vicarious than personal. But the other three were something else.

One woman was an Egyptian whose father was assassinated by Israel’s Mossad. She fled Egypt to live in the USA and become an ardent supporter of real Western style Democracy, and most remarkably, of Israel itself.

Another woman was a Syrian who is a practicing psychologist in the USA, who is famous for her debate against Islam as the law of the land on Al Jazeera, which has been seen worldwide by tens, if not hundreds of millions of people on the Internet and international television.

She literally kicked the holy crap out of the Mullah she debated, and threw in the moderator for good measure.

The fourth woman is a Christian from Lebanon, who also makes her home in the USA. She survived the civil war in Lebanon, where the Palestinian and Syrian led Moslems did whatever they could to wipeout the Christians. She now tours on speaking engagements telling her story to all who will listen.

Their stories are different, yet utterly compelling with a common thread and undeniable message which is essentially this:

If we do nothing to stop the onslaught of Islam into our Western Democratic cultures, Islam will swamp us, and destroy everything it has taken us hundreds of years to create in the realm of Secular Human Rights.

What these women described is nothing less than what we see for ourselves everyday; that Islam is a religion of violence, repression and domination.

In my words: Islam is a religion that should not be permitted to exist in any civilized society.

Through its actions and words, Islam has abrogated its RIGHT to be acceptable amongst people who cherish the individual Rights and Freedoms, which so many have fought and died for at home and abroad.

For a Western Democracy such as ours to give legitimacy to a religion that is so filled with hatred, and is interpretable in any way someone wishes, makes a mockery of our society.

Today (November 3, 2006) about 1,000 Moslem women were desperately called upon by Hamas, to be human shields between Israeli troops who were shooting it out with Hamas TERRORISTS who were holed-up in a Gaza Mosque.

This is the true nature of Islam. Mosques used to hide TERRORISTS, store weapons and preach hatred.

Here were the so-called brave Moslem fighters hiding behind the skirts and hijabs of their women. I guess it’s a step-up for them from hiding behind their own children.

In the ensuing fight, the TERRORISTS escaped, while at least two of the Moslem women shields were killed, as many others were wounded.

If nothing else, this incident alone best represents the values of Islam.

Is this the mindset we want within our society?

I’d step in front of an oncoming train to save my wife, while these bastards have no problem putting their wives in danger’s way to save their sorry asses.

Take heed of the Middle Eastern women who I listened to the other day in Montreal. Islam is on the march, and it’s marching on us.

What are we going to do about it before it becomes too late, much like it’s become too late for many countries in Europe?

My solution is simple:

Make our separation between Church and State absolute.

Ban the hijab.

Make it illegal to operate Islamic schools.

Make it a crime for any member of the clergy to promote hatred and violence of any kind.

And police all of this with ZERO tolerance. In other words; stop them before they can begin.

There is no doubt in my mind that Islam’s war on us will expand sooner rather than later. And sooner rather than later, the fighting will be on our soil.

The last thing we need is a fully entrenched Islamic fifth column to battle us from within.

The message is loud. The message is clear.

For our elected leaders not to be prepared for what is coming our way, will border on criminal negligence.

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  1. I am pro-Israel because as a child my Bible first taught me to be so as they are God’s chosen people. As an adult, I praise Israel because she stands strong against the hands of madmen and ignoramus fools who were unfortunately born on this earth. Praise the Lord, she has prevailed. We must stand by her at all cost. We must pray for her success. Lastly, I hate the perfidious Muslim religion which is antiJewish, antiAmerican, antiwoman, antiChristian, etc. They are a worthless “religion”.

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