The Quebecois – Canada’s Palestinians

At the very least, that’s the way it appears to French Quebecers who are writing and teaching Quebec’s history.

Quebec is like an aggravating broken record that just keeps on spinning. And as much as you’d like to hear a different tune, forget about it. Quebec only knows one song.

Like the Palestinians, Quebec has made a career of being “victimized”. And as the Palestinians blame all their sorrows on the Jews, Quebec blames all of their misfortunes on the “Anglos”.

The Palestinians are inundated with political thieves, cutthroats, liars and racists who have made a science of screwing their own people, while at the same time holding out their grubby hands for cash from whomever is stupid enough to hand it over.

Without the violence and abject poverty, Quebec isn’t that much different.

Generations of Quebec politicians and members of Quebec’s social and academic elite have literally raped the French province clean with phony contracts, nepotism, incompetence and outright theft.

Yet, they have been utterly successful at getting away with it.

To mask their gross ineptitude, Quebec blames their many misfortunes on the English and Ethnics, who in the eyes of most French Quebecers have somehow built the province on the backs of downtrodden indentured Quebecois people.

At the very least, that’s the way it appears to French Quebecers who are writing and teaching Quebec’s history.

In reality, French Quebec had their opportunities served to them on never ending silver platters. But, instead of reaching out and doing the work that had to be done for themselves to be economically successful, the majority preferred to point fingers at the Anglos and Ethnics who took the entrepreneurial risks necessary to build success.

French Quebec’s past economic failures were due partly because French Quebecers were never given the tools or the mindset by their own community leaders and teachers to become successful entrepreneurs. And partly because their leaders kept them ignorant of business and the outside world.

Instead of accepting the REAL truth behind French Quebec’s financial failures, lies and myths were conjured by their guilty elitists who created straw-men to take the blame.

To this day, those lies are still presented as facts. And instead of telling the truth, the elitists and ass-kissing (Anglo) appeasers went along with the myth that French Quebec was a financial and social disaster because of the English.


Because Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism’s racist language laws and policies that intentionally marginalized all who weren’t ethnically pure French Quebecers, almost half a million Anglos and Ethnics left the province (mostly Montreal) since the early 1970’s.

But these laws didn’t all of a sudden appear out of nowhere. Nor were they contrived by hard core political Quebec Separatist racists. Quebec’s draconian language laws were the culmination of deceit at all levels of “polite” Quebec society.

It wasn’t as if there were just a few bad Quebec actors. They were all bad actors who piled-on to rid Quebec of their Anglo/Ethnic taint. And now that the critical mass of Anglos are gone, Quebec is in worse shape than ever before.

So now, who does an economically and socially bankrupt Quebec blame for the highest taxes on a per capita basis within North America, with the lowest value of services given back in return?

Who does Quebec blame for an infrastructure that is in such disrepair that an overpass falls down and kills people? Who does Quebec blame for a medical system that can’t recruit doctors and other vital healthcare providers?

Who does Quebec blame for one of the very worst administered educational systems on the continent? And who does Quebec blame for a $200 BILLION debt, the highest per capita debt on record for any GDP the size of Quebec’s in North America?

And what does Quebec think will solve all of their problems? It’s easy. More language laws and more independence from the rest of Canada, so that Quebec can behave even more like a sovereign nation.

And will they get want they want? They always do. And how will that put bread on the table of Quebecers?

Even as I write this, the Liberal Party of Canada is debating whether or not the province of Quebec should be recognized as a nation within Canada.

Will this appeasement like all the others make things better for Quebec and the people who live within Quebec? It never has. And it never will. But it will continue nonetheless.

There’s another side to all of this that I haven’t yet mentioned. Quebec remains somewhat solvent only because of the enormous charity it receives from the rest of the country. AND THAT’S A FACT!

Take away the federal charity and goodbye Quebec.

Like Quebec, Palestinians are a people who have received far more charity and political largesse than anyone (especially them) deserves. And their reasons for their many calamities, just like Quebec, are based upon myths.

And just like Quebec, Palestinians prefer to blame all others for their mess, then they do themselves, even though like Quebec, they squander one opportunity after another simply because of mass political incompetence, corruption and ethnocentric nationalism.

The other reason why I draw a parallel between Quebec and the Palestinians, is because official French Quebecdom loves to identify themselves with the Palestinians.

The vast majority of French Quebecers see the Palestinians as victims of the Jews and Israelis, just as they see themselves as the victims of the Anglos and the rest of Canada.

Furthermore, French Quebec’s support for the Palestinians isn’t just tacit, since they take to the streets in huge numbers to support Palestinians and other Israel-hating Arabs such as Hezbollah, the banned Shiite TERRORIST group.

Both groups refuse to face their own failures and continue to act as if the world owes them something, when in truth, without charity and special accommodations from the outside, they would be backwaters.

In the case of the Palestinians they already survive in a backwater because the rest of the world has finally become sick and tired of playing their game, which is a message that shouldn’t be lost on Quebec.

At one point, the rest of Canada will look upon Quebec much like the rest of the world has looked upon the Palestinians and it will be bye – bye Quebec.

Then the REAL truth about why Quebec is a failed state with racist language (cultural) laws and a dead economy won’t matter. And at that point no one but the liars will care.

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  1. I blog and post and aggressively confront the ignoramuses. I also post the link for the Hamas charter and challenge the uninformed to open the link and read it.
    This is the link I use. I also carry a printed copy with me to be used when needed. Everyone should do the same:

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