Knowing Who Your Enemy Is.

I disliked Pinkus so much, that I dedicated the better part of one of my hour long radio shows way back when, just to screw this guy over.

During the hay-days of my political activism in Quebec (1995-1999), I found that the biggest enemy I had to face was the enemy from within. People who claimed to be on the same side, but who were decidedly a liability.

It’s easy to fight the guys facing you from across the street. It’s another matter entirely to fight the guys standing behind you as so-called allies.

The Liberal party of Canada is in serious trouble.

Over many years of Liberal Party rule, they’ve become smug, arrogant and condescending in their belief that they are the “natural governing Party” of Canada.

But – Oh How The Mighty Have fallen.

The Liberals have been hung by their own petard, because after so many years of arrogance, corruption, and taking care of their Liberal friends on the public purse, the electorate couldn’t bring themselves to bring the Liberals back to office the last time out.

But, the Canadian electorate wasn’t necessarily ready to vote in real Conservatives either. Especially Canada’s Jewish community who are as Liberal as it gets.

But that doesn’t mean all Jews, since I and many of my Jewish friends were only too happy to vote the Liberal bums out. Especially since the Liberals have a dynamic history of screwing over Israel while simultaneously pretending to be Israel’s great friend.

Mercifully, the Liberals were defeated, and the Conservatives were given a limited opportunity to show their stuff as a minority government. And to the consternation of the Liberals, the Conservatives are looking pretty good in office.

And now it’s time for the Liberals to choose a new leader to carry the Party into the next election which will most probably be held within a matter of months rather than years.

But the Liberals have very little experience in picking leaders who haven’t been groomed and anointed by the Party hierarchy (which seems to have disappeared).

Woe be them, because the show from the Liberal leadership contenders is painful to watch. Well not really painful for someone like me who dislikes the Liberals with a passion. But painful indeed if you happen to be a Liberal.

The Liberal leadership race has been as boring as watching grass grow during a drought. But, with the help of the leading contender, professor Michael Ignatieff of Harvard University, he has spiced things up considerably with his observation that Israel was guilty of a war crime.

Jewish Liberals are falling over themselves not just to distance themselves from Ignatieff, but rather to extricate themselves from the Party. Why would they quit the Party if it was only Ignatieff with the stupid mouth?

Wouldn’t they just throw their support behind one of the other leadership hopefuls, especially those who have come out professing their all of a sudden new-found love for Israel?

You’d imagine that the Jewish Liberals would just band together to make certain Ignatieff wouldn’t win. But, to me, it seems as though Ignatieff was the excuse they’ve been waiting for to leave the whole sordid Liberal mess.

The best I read about the people involved with the Liberals was in the National Post (October 18, 2006), when they quoted Steven Pinkus, a federal Quebec Liberal riding vice president, who basically said that the Liberals were sunk by Ignatieff.

Pinkus and I have history. He was a thorn in my side while I went at the ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalists without mercy. And they in-turn did the same to me.

While I was going at it with bare knuckles against the Quebecois racists, here was Pinkus strutting like a peacock trying to be everyone’s friend, kissing every ass he could find, while making certain that he was seen and heard at my expense and the expense of people like me.

I disliked Pinkus so much, that I dedicated the better part of one of my hour long radio shows way back when, just to screw this guy over.

And here he is again. But this time, I’m in his corner cheering him on.

Give Pinkus more newspaper ink! Give him television face-time on all the networks! And get his voice all over the radio right across Canada, because that’s what the Liberals deserve.


As the not so good-ship Liberal is about to crash and sink on the rocks of their own making, here’s Pinkus, the federal Quebec Liberal riding vice-president who is putting his own spin on how bad it is for the Liberals, by acknowledging how bad it really is.

By admitting that his co-religionist Jewish Liberal supporters in his riding are abandoning the ship faster than they can lower the life-boats, Pinkus is making the case for the Conservatives. With friends like Pinkus . . . .

You see, I don’t need a Conservative to tell me how bad it is for the Liberals, when I’ve got the Liberal riding vice president Pinkus, telling everyone how bad it is straight from the deck of the sinking ship.

Good on Pinkus and the federal Liberal Party.

Not only do they deserve each other, Pinkus is finally making a useful contribution to Canadian politics, even if it is entirely unintentional, and totally opposite to the way he meant it to be.




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