Ignatieff And The Liberal’s Political Disdain For Israel

Steadily, Jewish Liberal supporters are now giving a lot of thought about the Conservative alternative. And why shouldn’t they?

Canadian born Harvard University Professor, turned Canadian Liberal MP (Member of Parliament), Michael Ignatieff, recently stated on French language television in Quebec, that Israel is guilty of war crimes in Lebanon during the recent month long battle against Lebanon’s Hezbollah TERRORISTS.

Actually, he didn’t say against Lebanon’s Hezbollah TERRORISTS. I said that. What he basically said was:


His statement is so outrageous, that it deserves no further comment. But, what does need comment is why he said what he did.

Ignatieff is leading the race to become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, and needs to shore up his support in Quebec.

It’s no secret that Quebec has a hate-on for Israel and the United States of America.

During the past war (Lebanon, Syria, Iran and the TERRORIST Hezbollah versus Israel), as many as, and perhaps more than 15,000 Quebecers took to the streets in downtown Montreal to denounce Israel, and show their support for the Lebanese aggressors.

Amongst these anti-Israel marchers were Quebec political, social and cultural leaders. I guess Ignatieff couldn’t pass up the opportunity to land a punch against Israel in order to win Quebec delegate votes for his leadership race.

But a funny thing happened to Ignatieff on his way to beat-up on Israel.

Canadian Liberal Jews were not amused. So much so, that one of Igantieff’s leadership co-chairs who is Jewish, resigned moments after she became aware of his public Israel-bashing.

And she wasn’t alone. Steadily, Jewish Liberal supporters are now giving a lot of thought about the Conservative alternative. And why shouldn’t they?

In the past, the Liberal party of Canada counted on the unconditional financial and manpower support from Canada’s Jewish communities without giving it a second thought. Voting Liberal amongst Canada’s Jews was almost genetic.

I know from what I write, because that’s how it was amongst my entire family and Jewish friends. It was literally as if we were born Liberals.


Other Liberal leadership hopefuls saw an opportunity to give Ignatieff a whack for his anti-Israel comment. But, in true Liberal fashion, they did it as politically careful as they possibly could since they wouldn’t want to upset the Arab, anti-Semitic, or Quebec votes.

And then came the NON politically correct comment from someone who doesn’t just pretend to be a friend to the Middle East’s only Democratic country, since Stephen Harper has illustrated his friendship for Israel by deed rather than by word.

Prime Minister Harper went on record yesterday, saying that there is “virtually” no one running for the leadership of the Liberal Party who supports Israel.


Bob Rae passionately defended his support for Israel. And to add to his credibility, he threw in for good measure that his wife and children were Jewish. I don’t know Bob Rae, but what I do know of him, he seems to be a decent person whose heart is in the right place.

But, just because his wife and children are Jewish, doesn’t automatically make Rae a supporter of Israel.

It appears that all of a sudden Liberal leadership candidates are somehow professing their support for Israel. Funny how a simple remark from someone outside of their own party can get these bad actors so hot and bothered to be seen as Israel supporters.

But words are just words.

The Liberal history of supporting Israel is at the very best dismal.

In reality, successive Liberal governments have sided with Israel’s sworn enemies time and time again at the United Nations where Canada has voted repeatedly to censure Israel.

When Canada wouldn’t vote to condemn Israel at the UN for a trumped-up issue that was even too outrageous for the Liberal Prime Minister’s Office, the Liberals did their “brave” thing by abstaining.

But the amount of times Liberal led governments of Canada actually voted for Israel are so far and few between, that they could probably be counted on one hand.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives haven’t hesitated not even once to support Israel against outlandish charges, and in Israel’s military defense of their own sovereignty.

Where the Liberals talk the talk, the Conservatives walk the walk.

As for the Liberal leader wannabe Michael Ignatieff, he should take heed of George Bernard Shaw’s famous saying. “Those who can do. Those who can’t teach”.

He should do himself a favor and bring his pearls of wisdom back to the halls of academia where he can harm a few, opposed to the many he would hurt as the elected occupant of the Office of the Prime Minister.

As for Stephen Harper: You gotta love a person who has the intestinal fortitude and moral compass to say what he means, and mean what he says.

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  1. You are right about Israel vs Arab Muslims. Unfortunately to few in European based infidel cultures realize that for 1400 years the political/religious ideology of Islam has been, as commanded by Allah, at war with the entire infidel world. The orthodox believer is committed to Jihad until all human beings worship Allah. Unfortunately His orders reflect the culture of 7th Century Arabian tribal barbarism. We must defend our children from forced living in “interesting times”.

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